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Sickabs, How Do You Train?


Women want him and men want to be him. He's jacked and cut up and is occasionally pretty funny. Clearly he has both his workout routine and nutrition down pat and, regardless of our respective philosophies on training, it would be interesting to hear his approach to fitness. Without further ado, Sick Abs, ladies and gentlemen.


Uhm... did you save his picture from somewhere or something?



implying he doesn't share it freely on his profile...




Hmm never cared to look.
Power to you and your... thread.


Yes, Sick, please tell us how you run the train...


ahhhh.... so thats your secret SA... Garnier Fructis!


Lol i discussed my use of the fructis in great detail in a previous thread.
Im on my way home now, i'll discuss my training/ nutrition in detail when i get home shortly.


yes, he's coming!


Haha wtf is that guy so amazed by man? I want what he's on.



At least post some jailbait so he has an incentive to reply in this thread again.





Bump, where the fuck are you, SA?


Hm, I don't think Prof X even has a fan who has a boner this size for him.


that was until now^^^


Not much could lure me into engaging in the sweaty ballsack smelling buttfuckery that is the BB forum.

Except this.

Please, enlighten us.


this thread killed my erection.


SickAbs has a great physique. Looking foreword to the details of how he got there.

PS: Threadkiller guys please take it easy. No shots.