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Sick: Should I Go to Workout or Skip It?

Hey fellas, this is my second day off from the gym because of a cold. I just have a little cough and a runny nose. Would it still be ok for me to workout or should I just take a few days off intill I feel better?

No one wants you coughing over the equipment…

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sick from the neck up? You can train.

Sick below the neck? No training.


Try bodyweight squats, pushups, oullups at home in a circuit. If you’re truly sick you’ll hack up a lung. Stay home.

i kno most people say not to work out so that ur CN can recover and fight the cold, but for some reason whenever i am sick i cant not go to the gym, i feel soo much better after going

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So much yes.

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Physical contact is one of the most common ways to spread germs. So anyone who touched the equipment after you do might pick up those germs. The same problem with people not taking sick leave so spreading germs to co-workers costs our businesses millions in productivity each year.

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Eat right, sleep a lot and take a long walk

I’d probably go in but go easy. No super heavy lifts and keep volume relatively light. Also take a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for hygiene/others well being. You’ll get to know what your body can and can’t take as you progress. I’d definitely err on the side of caution though, if you go too hard too soon you night prolong things.

As others have said, nutrition and recovery need to be on point also!

I currently have strep, a sinus infection, and running a low grade fever so I’m not sure I agree with the neck up comment :). Seriously, you know if you can go or not. You know if you need rest or if you’re looking for a way out. Right now, my body is so fatigued and week I know it’s not productive for me to squat and deadlift, however I can still get outside, walk, stretch, work on mobility etc.