Sick on Cycle, Help

Hey guys im currently in my 4th week of my test cyp 450mg deca durablolin 300mg cycle. I have come down with a wicked sinus infection within a day or so.I have missed 2 shots test/deca but only by 1 day so far? i wont be off antibiotics for about 4 days i would like to start lifting in a day or so. any thoughts on whether or not im fu***d as far the shots go by throwing them off?

Take the missed shot and continue cycle.

I would hope that you are injecting two times per week. And if so being off by a day isnt going to be the end of the world.

Just take your shots today and reschedule your injections from this point. And yeah, like LillGuy says, you should be injecting at least twice a week.

I’ve gotten extremely sick on cycle (terrible cold followed by horrendous food poisoning causing my to piss out of my ass multiple times a day for a week) and I actually ended up heavier at the point that I finally started to recover. You’ll be fine.

Now stop missing injections.

HEY THANKS GUYS. yeah im injecting twice a week. monday friday. im gonna take my shot asap. Thanks again guys.