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Sick of Your Gym!


I know there's probably another post that this could go under, but I couldn't find it. I always knew the gym I went to was lame, but it wasn't that bad because I only went there when I was back from school and my mom paid for it. But they just crossed the line: they removed all dumbells over 80 lbs, saying "No one used them" (this isn't even true, they did this because they didn't want people dropping heavy dumbells on the floor). Depressing. I'm gonna deadlift heavy and drop the weights on the floor till they kick me out since I'm leaving to go to school in a week.

To cheer you up after that depressing story, the following joke comes to you courtesy of Rudy Ray Moore (AKA Dolemite): "The other night I was fuckin a deaf and dumb girl. She wanted me to stop so she says "haffahahghhfh." So I cut the bitch's fingers off so she couldn't tell anybody."


Do clean and jerks and drop the shit from overhead!!



That is a fucked up joke.

But I support you in deadlifting heavy.


It gets worse. My ma was talking to them about getting the dumbells back, and they said that wasn't going to happen, they even referred her to another gym down the road. They're offering to let people get out of contracts. So it's not about the floor. They just don't want the kind of people in there that lift heavy.

Gold's Gym, how far you have fallen.


I wonder what they plan on doing with the dumbells? Maybe you can get them somehow?


My g/f's gym is like that no heavy dumbells and EVERYTHING is covered w/ rubber. But most of the guys in there can do anything w/ the 80s except shrugs.

I tend to make a racket while I'm there, not intentionally, but a racket none-the-less.

Funny story about her gym...I was showing her how to do Plie or sumo squats w/ a dumbell held between the legs and some of the younger wiggers were pointing at us and laughing, for the moment I ignored them. A week later I was playing basketball on a court w/ 8 1/2 ft rims and recognied some of said wiggers. They all thought they were Hot Sauce from And1 of something, so I decided to teach them a lesson. I dunked on them left and right, in traffic, alley-oops, fastbreaks, etc... Not bad for a 5'6" 215 lb white guy w/ shot knees. The next time I go to the gym w/ my g/f...I see all the wiggers doing the sumo squats. LOL IDIOTS.


Three immediate things that make the dunk thing a lie.

  1. You are white
  2. you are 5'6"
  3. Shot knees

If you can do it , then amazing.


That was a Gold's? Oh, wow.

To be frank, a gym like Gold's removing the heavy dumbbells was funnier than your joke. Using "deaf and dumb" to refer to a deaf person is the equivalent of using the n-word to refer to a black person. I would know, because I'm deaf. I don't think that rape is funny, either.


Nah, TheSicilian said that the rims were 8 1/2 feet high. Regulation rims are ten feet high. Most teenagers can dunk with a rim that low.


I'm not a big fan of the joke either, for what it's worth...


"dumb" doesn't refer to a lack of intelligence. It means you cannot speak.


The Gold's Gym I went to in Indy just went bankrupt but before they did they pretty much turned in into an old person center. 70+ year olds in slacks, button down shirts, and loafers complaining about the music and chalk. Well before long the music was turned way down and changed to soft rock and chalk was banned. I'm glad they went under, it let me out of my contract so I could join a real gym.


No I think in pullups case it does mean lack of intelligence.


bahahaha she was dumb so she had to sign and thats why she was making funny noises DUH didnt you get the joke?? deaf people can talk too you know lol
yeah man sick joke

speaking of which, I dont know if you heard, but a few days ago two planeloads of volunteers from the UK left Liverpool bound for New Orleans to help with the looting!


Haha I was doing deadlifts at 6 pm on a weekday in my LA Fitness the other day and nobody said a damn thing. That really sucks for you guys. We got DBs up to about 160 also....


I too lift at a Gold's gym and wholeheartedly agree that they have slipped a lot in the realm of good gyms. I'm aware that there are several very decent Gold's gyms in this country, but unfortunately, I don't lift at any of those...

The General Manager of my Gold's is always yelling at met about slamming weights, and I think the only reason he does this is because I weigh 50 pounds less than him yet I am stronger than him in the only three lifts that matter, Bench, Dead, and Squat...


Here it is:


There's some classic stories in there :slight_smile: