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sick of the whiners on here

ok im a avid reader of this website and forum. every day i see people writing in complaining about their too fat. or that theyre too small or they are too fat. its mostly about the fat. im going to tell you my story and hopefully most of you will get over this fat whining issue. IM 29 years old i spent 10 years in the Navy and got out in aug 2000. when i was in i weighed about 164 lbs and was ripped to hell and back i had no fat anywhere. since then ive actually started to really understand the fundamentals of working out. ive improved in every aspect of my workout programs. take it that everything i did in the Navy was endurance related. my squats have gone from under 100 lbs to 300+ lbs. I can do about 750+ lbs doing calf raises. and yes i did a cycle about a year ago consisting of doing 200mg a week of test cypionate and 300mg a week of decca.i gained about 28 lbs and am and have been a modest 180lbs. and yet im not shredded to hell like i was but yet my legs are 3 times the size they were when i was in the Navy, my calves are more defined, i still have the 6pack year round. my arms have gained a few inches since i got out of the Navy. so take it from me when you do gain wieght and get stronger as well as bigger your nto going to be ripped, i do have a small amount of lower back fat, sure id like to lose it have no idea how to, but thats life. im not trying to be a Ronnie Coleman or a Jay Cutler, but i think im doing pretty damn good for myself.I think im around 8 percnet bodyfat year round but im happy, my whole body has gotten bigger and ive seen mad results. So unless your trainign to be a Navy SEAL or a pro bodybuilder, your not oging to get that perfect body, it just doesnt happen espceically if you want to get big. so keep trying i did and am very very happy with my results.

This is going to be the greatest thread ever. I can’t wait for everyone to reply!

But let me get this straight, the only people who will ever be ripped are Navy Seals and professional bodybuilders?

“164 lbs and was ripped to hell.” May I ask how tall you are?

I don’t think most people are whining but are asking questions on how to improve theirselves. Besides you bragging on your self, what is your point?


I guess I’m about half way satisfied with myself. I like myself a lot better than I did before and thats what matters most. I don’t ever want to be fully satisfied though. I like the idea of an ever foward change. If its not more defined it will be bigger. If its not bigger it will be faster or stronger. If its not faster or stronger it will be more graceful and more cordinated. I enjoy setting a goal with my body, making it and then establishing new ones. This has done more for my soul than anything else. Why would I stop and just be satisfied when it is the path that is most enjoyable? Sure the results are great. Every accomplishment is satisfiying. But, there is more, and I will be more. Like TC suggest in his article this week… I’m on fire. Yet I’ll burn this way until I’m dead, no stopping it. No comprimising.

Waste. of. time.

Props to you, my man. No bullshit here - you are the man!

You are right, most people here are just a bunch of crybabies whining about what pathetic little pussies they are.

They all need to have their asses kicked, if you ask me. Or at least their esophagi ripped out, which we both know a Navy Seal could do in a heartbeat.

I don’t get why they even hang out at a site like this pretending like they really give a rat’s ass about working out, when you and I both know they should be surfing something like darning-your-sox.com, or foldingyourpantiesandotherlingerie.com.

Buncha wimps.

That’s okay dude. We did set the bar pretty high.

Looking forward to your future posts!

mamann- you right dude. He IS da man, He is DA man, He is DA MAN!

Now is someone going to bury this thread for good, PLEASE?! -(Nice try Joel Marion). SRS

Illustrating why T-mag needs to set up some type of Quality Control.

I have got to disagree with you here. I don’t think people are whining, I think they are looking for some support and help with a frustrating situation. Learning about proper diet takes time, losing fat while hanging on to LBM takes even more time.

164 pounds? Last time I was 164 pounds I was in the seventh grade. There are allot of people on this board who warm up with the PR’s you listed but they don’t make posts talking about how sick and tired they are about people whining about their lack of strength.

END OF RANT - We return you now to your regularly scheduled forum reading…

One of the stronger cases for a national eugenics program to date.

I’m sicks of posts that belong in the O/T forum being in the T/N forum. Like this one.

The quest for a perfect body can make a miserable person more miserable. Being built good or near perfect should be a side effect of doing something you love, not making it your life’s goal. Too much other things in life to enjoy.

And all those whiny bastards that keep asking questions and striving for improvement…those pricks are starting to piss ME off too!

You tell 'em scii…

…“A harmless hilarity and a buoyant cheerfulness are not infrequent concomitants of genius; and we are never more deceived than when we mistake gravity for greatness, solemnity for science, and pomposity for erudition”

~ Charles Caleb Colton

Scii - you say your an avid reader huh? Well, you have only mad two posts on this forum, which judging by this one is a f*ucking good idea. I have no respect for individuals like you that think your better than everyone else, try and sell your success story like your god almighty, and put others down. Don’t be too proud of your own story its not that facinating!! Nice cycle too, just enough test to suppress and nothing else, and with deca i’m sure you got the most notorious side! 28lbs my ass. I’m surprised that you even have the balls to start this thread after doing a cycle like that. Oh and your squats and calf raises, shiiit I lift more than you when i go to the bathroom in the moring.
Phatman, mamann, Joel, SRS, and all the others that think this guy is a waste of time, sorry but I had to put in my .02 about DA MAN.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. How would you have made it to where you are unless someone helped you?
If bodybuilding is going to continue someone has to teach the skinny kid or the fat kid and who better than T-men and T-vixens?
Would you rather they learn from the FDA guidlines on exerise and nutrition?

“…i do have a small amount of lower back fat, sure id like to lose it have no idea how to…”

And you read T-mag?

Joel. Bored as hell.

Before I start the rant let me just say that this is some intense sh*t!

I started reading T-mag because I was tired of Wiederisms and, most importantly, because I blew out my knee bad enough that they have to harvest other parts to repair it. I needed sound and true advice from people who’ve been in a similar situation.

So I guess you can chalk me up as one of the guys who is seeking help. This site (hell you can even call it a society, or a lifestyle) isn’t perfect, there are people out there who are looking for easy solutions, setting outrageous goals, and using things they shouldn’t be dabbling in what-so-ever but they are the minority. I subscribe to the dangerously hordcore additude because it freaking works, not because it’s stylish, faddish, or flowery. It’s foundation is hard work and it’s framework is outstanding information along with legitimate personally tailored advice.

Those are impressive stats. I truly hope you accomplished your goal (save the lower back fat) and feel better about yourself. Stick that chest out mighty and proud! You sure told us a thing or two. Like the fact that no matter how good you look, you still feel inadequate and have the need to belittle people to feel better about yourself (and from the safety of your keyboard no less) Look in the mirror partner, fix what you see, then come back here with sound contributions like the rest of these warriors and maybe we’ll listen.

As an Active Duty Military Member with 9 years experience, let me cordially invite you to come back. Chicks dig the uniform…


On a serious note to scii and Brad: thank you guys for your service to our country.