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Sick of the HGH spam yet?

Ok, The size of my dick is fine, and I can get it up. I dont need to increase the size of my bust, nor do I need to “lose 20 pounds by thanksgiving or my money back” But the worst spam of late has to be the dozens of places that are offering “REAL HGH” which upon closer examination (DUH) is not really HGH, but a supplement designed to promote the natural release of HGH. Has anyone else been receiving these ads? I wish I could have “5 minutes alone” with these spammers.

Yes, I just laugh at them because I know that they are bullshit.

My hotmail account recieves about 25 pieces of junk mail per day, but my excite account recieves one about every twenty-five days. Ditch hotmail, bro, or stop signing up to random mailing lists.

BTW, doesn’t “5 minutes alone” refer to jerking off?

Hmm, 5 minutes alone refers to jacking off? I was refering to the Pantera song… I guess I should have said “5 minutes alone with a bat”