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Sick of Manlets


Any one else sick of seeing manlets running around their gym? I think a gym should be set up specifically for these pint sized balls of anger


Manlet? What is that, a small person?

Right now you sound like a manlet on the inside.


lol @ dancing with the stars avatar.


Def: Manlet

''A small man who has to use lines such as "Hi you are really beautiful and I would like to have sex with your ankles, can we do it please?" to get laid.

It has also been reported that manlets can die from eating a manwich. Their body cannot hand this amount of manly meat.''

It all makes sense now.


i'm really curious about what is a manlet. maybe he mispelled mullets.


What is a manlet, and what kind of gym do you go to that has these things running around?


Is that an omelet made for cannibals?
I'm sick of those too, brah. Damn restaurants that are too stingy to use real eggs and dig up graves instead.


Is there anything that urban dictionary doesn't know?


Manlette seems more appropriate.


OP could be a bad speller with dyslexia. He may have meant, "Sick of Hamlet". In which case, I totally agree.


what is this shit? An Iron Dwarf call out thread?



Bring it on!


Catch, cook, eat.


how i feel



How I feel...




I feel like a fucking monster


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<--- What's that say about ME?