Sick of Gym Members Sitting on Equipment Playing with Their Phones

That’s why I just don’t even worry about who’s using what. I keep my template simple to avoid having to rely on one specific machine. If it’s squat day, I know after my squats i gotta hit a hinge and then quads, hams/glutes, core, and condition. I just pick something and do it. For quads if I can leg press I will, if it’s taken, I do lunges, if the lunge area is taken, I do goblet squats, etc. No time to waste when I’m there so have to adjust on the fly and make it work.

When you go to a commercial gym that’s just the bullshit that comes with it. Can’t do anything about it but do that or go early/late enough that barely anyone is there.


This was just a commercial gym for me. Nothing special.

But as you’ve identified: certain gyms cater to certain individuals. Seems a little silly that the type of people that frequent those kinds of gyms are in those kinds of gyms. Just comes with the territory.

And that’s the problem with the gym business. The franchise gyms like golds can’t compete against the $10 a month pack them in corporate gyms anymore. My favorite gym was also a golds that shut down a few years ago. In my area it’s mainly just 24, la and planet fitness(no way).

Probably old enough to be your dad, but you already know that 'cause we’ve met. I’ve seen your training and doubt you spend a whole load of time yapping between sets. Still waiting for @painter27 to get his backside to Melbourne so we can have a bro session and then I can talk and IG all through the workout!!


I find it difficult to empathise with anyone that so blatantly disregards capitalisation.

While we’re on the over reacting to minor things theme, breathing… Getting distracted by someone’s nose flaring as they breath really rustled my jimmies.

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Most people at most gyms have no concept of actually pushing hard, and would not be there if they did. They’re not there because of a predetermined agreement with the owner of the gym to “push hard”, they’re there because they paid their membership fee. It’s annoying, I feel you - but worrying about the inevitable is a waste of time.

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One thing that really drives me crazy. And I’m not a reactive person. It just triggers something in me the way the sound of a screaming child would do to some people.

People chewing with their mouths open. I can’t stand it. I’ve (politely at first) told strangers to stop it in public places like McDonalds.


My chewing muscles are my most developed. From pigging out and talking a lot of shit.

Actually I think I could benefit from a bit more rest. I feel ready to go but my muscles aren’t 100% a lot of the time. Just impatient I guess.

Definitely should get in a sesh. Max out on curls

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So is it the nose flaring or you getting distracted by it that is the rustler

Me too, but damn do you not live in China? If so, how do you ever go to any restaurant?

I don’t live in China. But I’ve told people in a restaurant in China to shut up (in a polite way) when they were talking too loud lol.

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I know and i agree. I have said similar about people when i did martial arts and when i do title boxing. They are just there, but they pay their membership and that is the business behind it. i have found that different time-periods that the clientele is different at la fitness. The evenings seem to have more serious people.

Oldest son took out his phone to text in the garage when I was over seeing his lifting. Asked him to hand over his phone along with bending over.

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I would rather see a book than the phone. As long as folks are keeping to a reasonable time period between sets I have no issue with how they chose to pass the time.

There were no smart phones at the time, so that helped, haha.


Haha today I was on the phone between sets and because I’m so old school (I don’t even have IG) I was looking at fucking cat memes


I make room for lunges. I typically find a clear path and do down and back, but I’ve found myself walking in a tiny square a time a two.

I wonder where I fall on the irritating gym markers I members meter… This morning I used the platform for deadlifts and jumps and then used a bench for leg raises in a giant set. I did five rounds in just over 10 minutes.

I followed that up with pull downs, DB OHP next to the pull down, and RFESS using the knee pad on the pull down for my rear leg support.

Oh, I also log my sessions on my phone and in a training book. I like the permanence of a book but it’s actually easier to see my previous performances on a specific lift with the phone app.

I log all my sessions on my phone, and the sessions are planned in advance on there. I also have a counter on there for how many work sets I’ve done, especially on sessions where I’m inclined to “accidentally” lose track. Got to do something in rest periods, especially if the gyms too busy to use up more than one piece of equipment.

ur an old man too


Actually, you brought up a hamstring curl machine. I just explained how you would go about working in on one, b/c apparently you couldn’t figure it out.

As for the leg press, skip it. Grab some dumbbells and do BSS or lunges. Plenty of alternative exercises out there for each machine that is taken. Maybe you pre exaust legs before the squat rack opens up… Your knees and back will thank you for the lighter weight and you muscles can’t tell much of a difference.

You don’t want to pay the money or time cost to go to a gym where you wouldn’t have this problem. I get it. So now, you just need to be a little adaptable. It isn’t difficult.