Sick of Gym Members Sitting on Equipment Playing with Their Phones

what the fuck is wrong with you?? workout and get the fuck out of there. everybody sitting around staring at their fucking playlists. get the fuck off the benmch you dont own it. wtf…so sick of it all. getting very close to working out at home to avoid yall.


Man you hit on my biggest pet peeve in the gym. It drives me nuts!! I have a busy schedule(I work 60 hour plus weeks) and I workout 4 days per week so 1 hour per session is all I can muster. It never fails that whenever I go people are just sitting on equipment with their damned phones lifting tiny weights! The worst is the wanna be instgram women spending an hour or more in the squat rack working on their butts in between posing for selfies. Wtf!!!

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Typically, when I ask to work in with those folks, they’ll let me.


Sounds like you’re going to the wrong gym.


If they are looking at their play list, that is fine with me. Should be minimal. Now watching a fucking video, movie, show, or scrolling Facebook… now that shit pisses me off. Some fucker a few weeks ago was watching a show while me and another guy were waiting. The other guy asked if he could work in. The asshole said i have one more set. Then he went back to watching his show, did his pussy set, then watched his show some more before getting up.

I saw a dude in my gym bringing a paperback in with him to read inbetween sets of lunges the other week. Mind you, in the same session I also saw another guy drinking milk straight out of a plastic milk carton, and another wearing a mouth guard to do curl drop sets in the squat rack so I’m starting to think the whole night was just some elaborate practical joke.


This was me in undergrad, except also with a highlighter.


Depends on the person. Which are you referencing? the guys that don’t actually lift and just go to say they go? or guys that are actually lifting heavy, and taking the proper rest time which can be anywhere from 2-5min+

I’m sure you mean the former


I can almost always work in and the rest of the time I’m not paying attention to what other people are doing because I’m focused on my own shit (looking at my phone between sets lol).

But actually I’ve usually got no issue with phones at least within reason. Time between sets is for resting. Sometimes resting a couple or quite a few minutes. Then you can perform best when it counts.

If someone finds that being on their phone works then fair enough. I haven’t met many people that can sustain high focus and readiness every second of a workout. It’s draining for no reason or benefit to be hyped up during rest periods unless you just wanna be hardcore or something. I see most guys switch on for their set then go back to base levels of arousal.

I’m one if those on their phone in the gym. Keep my log on my phone, so I between sets I will check to see what I am doing next. Doesn’t take long, but you can definitely catch me looking down at the phone now and then. Not texting or messing with my music. Maybe they are just tracking their gains?


I do this too, it used to be an old paper pad and pen but now its type in my reps on the phone. I think this is very different to someone looking at a video in their phone for 3 mins between sets.
I also find it kind of annoying when people who train together spend all their rest time talking. Fk me I am usually either too out of breath to talk or I am walking around trying to stop my back or hips seizing up between sets.
For some going to the gym is a social thing so as long as it doesn’t interfere with my sets I don’t care that much, I just fond it odd. I wonder if there is a inverse correlation between the amount of talking between sets vs the amount of progress they make!!

R u even an old man


Agreed, I’m pretty anti social so I tend not to talk to other inbetween sets.

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People rest between sets. As others have said you could simply ask them to work in 99/100 times they’ll let you.


Do you really want to work in with someone doing presses with 25lb plates? I’ve seen people camp out on the one hamstring machine with the pin set at 20lbs. They will lay there on their phone for 20 minutes. You have to switch all the weight, adjust the seat, blah blah blah, and then watch them waste time. If someone is working hard, they most likely know gym etiquette. I’m not talking about those people. I’m not sure about the OP.but there is a difference and some people love to point out the exceptions.

Too difficult to spend literally 5 seconds to move 2 pins? If that is too difficult for you, I’m guessing a halfway decent workout is waaaaaaaay outta your realm.

But really, just ask to work in and suck up the very minor inconvenience you have to endure.

Is that how this works?


It’s a pin dude. That’s super easy.

I tell this story often, but I worked in with a dude that was shrugging 9 plates per side while I was working up to squatting 495 for a topset.

In between each set, we’d take all the plates off the bar, change the height of the bar in the rack, and load it all up again. By the time we were done, rest period was over and it was time for the next set.

We’re in the gym to lift weights, right?


Of course you point out the hamstring curl machine. Correct, it isn’t hard to move the pin and adjust the leg length. Why not mention having to remove two 25’s and replace them with 6 45’s on a press machine? That is a pain.

Oh yeah, f you for the smart ass remark about my effort. You must be one of the people who camp out on the machine pushing pussy weights while face timing your boyfriend.

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again, it’s a difference between someone actually pushing hard and someone just there camping out on a machine. Your point of reference depends on the type of gym you go to. I go to la fitness in a corporate area at lunch where most people really don’t know what they are doing in the gym. There are exceptions. I could go to a hardcore gym, but this one is by my job and I like being able to go to any location that is near where I am.

Also, I never had an issue when I went to Gold’s. That gym was heaven. Then they closed the location.