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Sick of Eating Chicken Breasts

I no longer look forward to eating and look at it basically as fuel for my body. How do y’all make chicken taste good? What seasoning or sauces?

Curry, brocolli and asparagus, jambalaya sauce, gravy the possibilities are endless really…just depends on your preferences.

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Try thighs instead. Chicken is fairly low in micro nutrients anyways. I’d try red meats or legit wild caught fish for a while.

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Whats is the problem? That is what is it.

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Why are you eating chicken breasts vs other meat?

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I haven’t eaten a chicken breast in 2+ years. I HATE them.

You can eat the whole legs, thighs, drumsticks, etc. They taste way better.

Or eat more goat, lamb, fish, and even beef. I’ve been getting away from the chicken more recently as well. It’s been more lamb and fish for me this past year as my primary meats.

I tend to stick to non-meat QUORN these days. Lost my taste in meat and it doesn’t really sit well with my stomach.

Mince tends to bloat me, make me sweat and gives me the shits.

Weber’s Kickin Chicken seasoning is good.

I switch my foods up and eat plenty of beef - just bought 1/3 of a cow.

Another thing that helps with chicken is making wraps and sandwiches. I put pepperjack cheese on them with some mayo and greens. I actually look forward to them.

Boneless Skinless Chicken thighs, cooked in the pan with a lid covering, cooked in some chicken broth and G Hughes sugar free BBQ sauce. AMAZING!


Cholula. There are like eight varieties. I keep a few bottles in my desk at work and rotate as needed.


Chicken breast in the crock pot with peeled sweet potatoes and onions. Sometimes add red peppers. Cook on high for like 8 hours then either eat as is and mash it all together. I prefer making like a paste out of it. My wife says it looks like our kids diapers and wont eat it but its really good and it allows you to put down plate after plate

Try ground bison. You can make some mini bison burgers at the beginning of the week and “supplement” with them throughout the week to get to your target protein levels. That way you don’t have to be as strict with your protein at meal times, which should give you more options.

Yeah, that sounds kind of gross… I’m not a fan of foods that could come out of a tube like toothpaste. :smile:

Then dont mash it. Either way you get moist chicken and sweet potatoes that taste awesome

Grind it up in a meat grinder add rice or potatoes chicken broth, garlic, onion and whatever else you like. Much easier to swallow not dry and packs well.

Also buy whole chickens quarter them yourself and you’ll have a variety and it’s cheaper. Switching to thighs and legs here and there is nice. Also can make some baked hot wings for a meal.

Get some really lean burger and fish for a while change what you’re eating here and there. Good luck

Hey guys, sorry for that dumb question but what macros do you count for chicken and turkey. I know, I should take a look at myfitnesspal, google etc. but I found, that US macros are different then european macros, especially for red meat. The european cuts seem to be “leaner” with less fat!? Im confused and interested what macros do you guys use for raw chicken breast/thighs etc.!?

I ate only chicken breast for the first 7-8 months I tracked. I currently don’t track but I eat a lot of beef. Lots of ground, lots of Chuck. If it’s on sale at the meat market I’ll get Chuck eye or rib eye. Also- eggs are great.

As for making chicken breast taste better, drown it in sauce/cheese, salt and season the living hell out of it (obviously personal preference though). I’ve also found that slow cooking drumsticks or thighs on a smoker or low temp charcoal grill is great, never tried it with chicken breast though… I’d assume it would get pretty dry due to lack of fat content.

Scan the label of the product you purchased with My Fitness Pal and it will automatically bring up the nutrition info for that particular item. If you don’t have the label then search for it and look at all of the results. Pick the one that appears the most often (the mode) and use that.