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Sick of Chicken

Hey I was just wondering what your favorite recipes for chicken breasts are. I never thought I would get sick of them but I think I’m starting to because I’m running out of ideas how to prepare them. Any suggestion are much appreciated!!

Salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne, and lime juice. Then throw it on the grill. Quick and easy.

I saute some hot peppers, garlic, and onions in some cayenne hot sauce and olive oil. Then I toss in chicken cut into small strips. Sometimes I’ll add some cheese. This one gets me sweating.

If you like trying new stuff, and live in a metro area. I suggest you find and Indian Store, they have these pre-mixed spice packets for bbq and such, I think the brand is called SHAN…just sprinkle a little bit, this stuff is awsome…and yeah they have fish spice too by the same company, highly recommended. I know I get tired of the same taste as well, so mixin it up keeps me going.

What I do is i put them in the pan chopped into little pieces, along with chopped up red peppers. If I’m feeling like some stronger flavor I use teriyaki sauce (20ml has 3.8g carb, 1.4g protein). After frying is done i put some mcKormick’s right after it’s done.

If you want some stronger flavor without the sugars in teriyaki, here’s another good idea. Put an orange in a blender, and add it to the pan. it gives the breast a GREAT chicken-y flavor.

Try those on for size! They’re delicious.