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Sick of Breakfast. New Ideas?


Its getting to the point where i cant even look at eggs anymore. I look at chicken breasts and i think of eggs...im starting to dream about eggs. I usually scramble 5 eggs every morning and have oatmeal with it...then i eat my second meal 2 hours later.

Please, someone give me other high protein/slow digesting carb ideas to eat in the morning...im scared ill wake up with feathers one morning..


protein shake with raw uncooked oats


Oats cooked and mix in some protein.


I looove eggs.

Organic free range, with feathers still stuck on the shell.

Every day; 4 poached eggs on 1 piece of toast, spinach and baked beans. Yeah buddy!



quinoa instead of oats, and instead of scrambling the eggs, make an omelette and cut up some bacon into it, changes the experience completely


^^The OP said he wanted breakfast ideas that DIDNT involve eggs... but thanks for the helpful reply.

OP, for breakfast I like to have a shake. Its quick and really easy to make.

2 scoops protien
1 cup oats
1 large banana
2 tbs peanut butter (or I'll just throw in sliced almonds)

it takes less than 5 minutes to make and less than that to drink it all. If you're looking for more calories you can add EVO or, my favorite, Virgin Coconut Oil.... Yum.


Greg -- I hear a lot of you using V coconut oil to your shakes. I love this oil for cooking (thanks to Meadows), but i'm curious how you add it to shakes. I keep mine in the fridge and it is a block that i cut chunks off and throw in a pan. Do you keep some in room temp so it's in oil form as well?


Bonez said he runs the bottle under warm water to liquify it. Works very well.


A few days a week Ill just eat the leftover meat from the previous nights dinner. And whatever else. Not sure why you require slow digesting carbs but Special K or some other rice cereal is what I prefer.


plenty of recipes out there for oatmeal/almond-meal pancakes, toss a ham steak on the side.
Hell, make some sweet potato home fries, with low fat sausage patties


I get the same feeling you're describing too after eating eggs daily for 8-9 months straight.

Cut out eggs and all egg products for 6 continuous weeks then return to them.

When I return to consuming eggs I no longer feel sick.


You don't have to refrigerate coconut oil just keep it out of sunlight.


Sick of breakfast..here's an idea: Don't fucking eat it.


T-bone wrapped in Bacon ; ) throw in some brocc, carrots and corn and call it good.
Or what used to get my ex fiance all worked up at 6am: Peanut butter and 'Sardines !


Cottage Cheese/yogurt and some fruit...
A protein shake, oatmeal with peanut butter stirred in...
Protein pancakes...

Breakfast is just another meal, I don't understand the need for "breakfast foods"... Just eat what you want that fits into your needs...


Just eat red meat in the morning.. tadam


Why not eat food that you would have for lunch, but just less or more of it depending on goals.
OP I hear you on the eggs, they can get pretty old after a while. Try some fish for breakfast. I will have smoked herring or "kippers" as they're called. They take around 2 mins on the frying pan.


Agree with Facko. I don't eat breakfast any more. Frees up time to pvc roll before work.


I added it while in liquid form, but as it mixes w/ everything else that is cold, it formed soft little rocks that I gulped down. any ideas how to avoid this? drink it quickly? I would try using moderately temp water but I often use almond milk w/ my shakes so it must stay cold.. appreciate any ideas ahead of time


When I mix it in my shake and blend it all up it kinda disperses the VCO pretty evenly and you don't get the chunks issue.