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Sick of Being Sick

So I went about a year without being sick once. I was kind of chubby at 5’5 and 162 and eating crap, drinking beer.
Switched to Keto and dropped to 140 while increasing lifts (now that I have less fat I am trying to add muscle)… been doing jiu jitsu and weight lifting and feeling great… until late July when I got a cough that would not go away.
The doc prescribed an inhaler and eventually prednisone. It went away… but now its back!! I am back on prednisone and trying symbacort.

Could losing the fat make me less able to fight off illness? I am taking Orange Triad plus greens to try to stay healthy.

Any other ideas? I am tired of taking time off so I am just training through it now…

I am 35 btw… is this just part of getting old?

Extremely low fat levels (we’re talking contest shape) can somewhat compromise the immune system, but I’m assuming you didn’t get that lean.

I am 20 years older than you and have never had a chronic cough, so I think it’s safe to say it’s not “just part of getting old.” :laughing:

Keep working with your doc to see if you can pin down the cause of the cough, and treat that (as opposed to just treating the cough itself).

Clean the handles on the carts at the store before touching them. Don’t touch your face, eyes, or dig in your nose with your fingers. Never pass up an opportunity to wash your hands. Do these things and you should be less sick.

I definitely am not that close to low on fat levels. I try to wash my hands but supposed I could more.

… I honestly think I have a shitty immune system. I just got back on prednisone and they added Symbacort so we will see.

In addition to what has been suggested, I think the most important thing is what you’re doing, “working through it.” We will all have things that come up that compromise us, and that’s when the tough decision arises. For example, I had to go to the ER the other day and was prescribed five frickin’ medicines which make me unable to drive. However, just as quick as the course of meds is finished, back to the gym with a vengeance. And if it was going to be longer term, I’d be looking at “what can I do” type stuff.

It’s way easy to just roll over with physical issues and not train. I know - been there done that.

Point is, you’re doing the best thing you could by working through it. The never quit attitude gets people through things a lot better than any other option.

Best of luck!

Does the tx in front of your name mean you are in Texas? If so what part?

I am in Austin.

Been coughing since mid July now…

Mid July - cough starts, see doc and get a steroid shot since I am leaving the country.
Cough mostly goes away then comes back… Mid August… go back to doc when I actually got a fever, got diagnosed with walking pneumonia get on a week of Prednisone and antibiotic… cough mostly goes away then comes back.
Went back to doc, got 3 more days of prednisone, also put on symbacort, rescue inhaler, and singulair.

I get a a mix of productive cough and tight lungs most the day. I did a short kettlebell workout today and felt better during it. Definitely up days and downs.

What sucks is when we wrestle in BJJ and I don’t want to be coughing all over people. I am not contagious but I am sure it would still suck for them.

Many toxins are fat soluble. Often when people start losing fat, these toxins become mobilized and can make you sick. This is just one possibility to consider.

Have you tried using whey concentrate as your main protein supplement because of their higher immunoglobulin concentrations? Also oats and nutritional yeast can help due to beta glucans. White button mushrooms have immune system boosting properties as well.

Also, look to reduce chronic systemic inflammation. Starting with gut health is a good place for people who are already exercising and fit. Eating fermented foods is where most people should start. There are plenty of articles on this site regarding gut health.

I live over in the hill country, I know several people that have the same crap. They are telling them it’s a virus, and it has to run its course. Seems like 3-4months is the magic number. Maybe do some research on tumeric, garlic, or silver. Hope you feel better soon! That shit is a pain in the ass! And pineapple juice.