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Sick Of Being Fat

I am about 50lbs over weight and have been almost my entire life. I am very sick of it and want to loose the weight. I am very overwhelmed in with all the diet fads and work out routines that seem to be everywhere. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions besides join a gym and get a full time trainer

Well, um, first join a gym. If you’re overwhelmed by so many options then just pick one set of ideas and ignore all the others. If you want a book outling a training program and a diet at once, buy Ian King’s “Book of Muscle” or even Bill Phillip’s infamous “Body for Life.” If you’re a beginner, any program will work.

Or you can pick one of the eaing programs and one of the training progrms here at t-mag and combine them. There’s Chris Shugart’s Beginner’s Blast-Off Program and T-Dawg 2.0. Whatever you do, just start doing it.

There are allot of great training programs here on t-nation. A great thread you might be interested in is located here:


With that being said, I’ve personally had the same problem you mentioned my entire life (I’m only 21 but it’s been forever to me).

So far I’ve dropped almost 100 lbs this past year by trying to eat clean, smaller portions, more frequently in the day. When I started loosing weight, quite by accident, I was sick and would be completely full after 1/2 a Burger king cheese burger (I used to live off 3 doubles at a time when they were a dollar). A couple of hours later I would be hungry again and finish the rest. I carried this technique even further by looking for clean foods that would give me the most nutrients for the size as I still wasn’t able to eat much. After I got better (I was like this for about 2 months) I tried to apply what I had gleaned from my downtime and use it even though I could hold more food then.

This worked well, and slow, until I really started to amp up my training, I added in a fair amount of running and weights.

CT’s Running Man

and any of the training programs on this site would be loads more helpful than what I was doing and should help you achieve your goals even faster.

Recently I did Chris Shugarts Velocity Diet

And had great success with that. But you don’t even have to go to that extreme to make progress.

Hope that helps.

One of the most important things you can do right now is just to get started. Common sense can tell you as much as you need to know to make some good initial progress. If you sit around waiting to accumulate complete knowledge, waiting to afford to join a gym, waiting for a personal trainer (which is nice but not a necessity); you probably will not be any better off a few years from now.

While you should still start right away I recommend you take in as much of the knowledge this site has to offer. Use the search feature, check out the nutrition articles by Berardi/Lowery and bust some ass.

Good luck!

What have you been doing to this point? How bad do you want to loose weight? No one is stopping you…Start slow and keep reading, learning and asking questions. You can do it. If you need a little motivation, read this article…


your overweight it sucks but you dont have cancer so relax
your problem is very fixable.

As far as a personal trainer goes, its hard to find a good one and you dont need one if you are willing to read and learn and discipline yourself to workout. In addition they are expensive, if you dont want to join a gym however then well I dont know what to tell ya, try running. However there are so many reasons to train with weights I wont even begin to list them but I will say give it a try.

One article that may help you understand other training articles better is “Program Design 101” by Mike Roberston. It covers the fundamental principles of designing training programs and will help you understand the other articles. This site is excellent. Stay the fuck a way from the bodybuilding magazines. If you got questions post em.

I echo alot of the above sentiment. I didn’t check into the articles recommended, but if one of them is not
‘Merry Christmas Bob’ you really need to check that one out. It may not exactly fit your current situation and level of experience, but motivate you it should.

50 lbs is nothing. You really have to want it. Common sense will probably lose you 25 in 6 mos. hard work will help you drop the rest. See, 6 mos. from now you’ll be where you think you want to be now. Then you can set new goals that coincide with your new fitness level.

  1. Eat as clean as possible. Really try to eliminate as much processed food as you can.

  2. Walk. Walk everywhere. It seems silly, but it adds up. When you can increase the intensity, do so. Start slow though–your body needs some adjusting time.

As you begin to lose weight and gain knowlege, you can refine your plan to fit your ever changing goals. Weight loss, physical fitness is a very fluid subject. As your parameters change so do your options.

Keep us informed as you work towards your goal. Break it up in to 5lb increments. Each time you hit a goal reward yourself–only one piece of that pie please!