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Sick Of Being FAT!

Hi people

.I was thinking of giving the velocity diet a shot but living in australia we cant get the best supps like HOT-ROX, Surge ,or anything like that because of stupid fucking custom laws and shitty dollar conversion rate,shipping as well.Plus 1 tub of DECENT protein powder here cost about $80-90 bucks for about 30 servings.Now i could get roids cheaper than that but been there done that want to stay clean (for now) anyway.Fuck i complaining a bit here.
Any advice for me how i could use this diet with limited amount of supps i can get.
Or should i just stick with something like t-dawg diet


If you could get ahold of some decent priced, generic whey powder and milled flaxseeds, you probably could do the diet with pretty good success.

Some creatine(if found cheaply) or a natural T-booster(like TRIBEX/RED KAT/Alpha Male/etc) might help keep strength up(in lieu of the HOT-ROX).

If all else fails, yeah, T-dawg or another similar minimal carb diet would be next best.