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Sick of Bad Boxing Matchups

Although I am not one of those “boxing is dying” guys I am frustrated that the fights that fans really want to see in boxing never seem to get made or if they finally do get made the fights are usually no longer compelling (see Jones-Hopkins II among others). Recent examples are obviously the Manny-Floyd matchup falling through so now we are stuck with Pacman-Margarito.

In my opinion Margarito should be banned for life and not getting a big payday against Manny, but Bob Arum promotes both guys so it was an easy fight for him to make. Also, I am frustrated that no fight has been made for David Haye to fight one of the Klitschko brothers. Instead we get Vlad vs. Sam Peter in a rematch and David Haye against Audley Harrison. Can someone please tell me why Peter or Harrison deserve title shots?

This is mainly just a rant but I got to thinking that one of the advantages in MMA is that since the UFC controls many (but not all) of the top fighter they pretty much make whatever matchups they want and usually come through with the fights fans want to see. Just wondering what people’s thoughts were on some of these shitty matchups and if there are any solutions. I guess I will just look forward to the Yuriorkis Gamboa fight this weekend.

Dude… yes.

I haven’t thought about it much because it just makes me angry. Very, very angry.

Yeah it’s a bit shit at the moment. I have high hopes for the future however.

Hopefully we’ll have more tourneys like the Super Six, that shit was cool.

Yeah the super six has been awesome. It sucks about all the injuries and substitutions, but that is the nature of tournaments. I would have liked to see Lucien Bute in the tournament. Hopefully we will see more of this kind of thing.

This really really greases my chicken…

I’ve listened to Haye and Harrison attempting to hype this pathetic excuse for a fight and I end up shouting at the radio.

Harrison owes me a refund for the two times I’ve been bored / stupid enough to turn up to the charades he calls fights. He is a fucking joke and I despair that the British public are going to waste their hard earned cash on this guy. Haye has walked the walk to date - clearing out the cruiserweights and then beating Valuev - so I have no beef with him save for the fact that his management have (a) not successfully arranged a second meaningful fight for him and (b) they’ve given this fraud a title shot because they know he’s the only name that could sell some PPV in Britain other than the Klits.

I don’t I’ve ever seen a less deserving challenger for a title shot. The guy (Fraudley) talks a whole tonne of trash about how he’s going to kick x’s ass and then spends his entire time in the ring running away.

I’m getting angry just typing this rant so i think I’ll pack it in…If I want to watch a pantomime I’ll buy a ticket at Christmas…

Sugar Shane and Mora fight… to a draw.


Don’t know if I should make this it’s own thread…but anyone hear of DAVID LEMIEUX…He’s canadian…23-0-22 KO’s. Still in his early 20’s…been boxing since he was 9 I think.

He has like a peek-a-boo defense…he has his flaws that can be seen but he has seriosuly HANDS OF STEEL in both of his hands, it’s nuts.

You hear of him Fightin?

what a great guy, thanks, rasturai

No problemo Schwarzfahrer, glad to help :slight_smile:

And I wouldn’t mind at all if he’d beef up a bit :wink: