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Sick of all the Idiots

I’m sick of seeing interviews with people like Denise Austin, body by jake, all the commercial so called experts that sell all that bullshit ab rollers etc. I have a deep hatred right now for the one that rocks back and forth. I also hate all the Idiot trainers in my gym that are so stupid! Some times I feel like I’m the only one in my gym that knows anything. I wish I was in a T-man gym where everyone was smart and we fed off each others energy! What pisses me off is to see people like Denise Austin and all the other bozos making MILLIONS off myths and fallacies, like toning, spot reduction, tighten up, etc etc. AHH AHH AHH Its like success in the fitness world is a show, not a test of KNOWLEDGE.

It makes you feel like a genius some times though doesn’t it?! I feel blessed that there is at least one place to turn to that makes me feel like I’ve got so much more to learn. I just wish that all of the bozo’s you mentioned would quit but all of the schmucks out there keep throwing their money at them. What’cha going to do? Now how about a demo from that fabulous dancing duo from the Body by Jake infommercial?!!!

ab rollers, are actually quite effective devices for training the rectus abdominus. try them out sometime.

Tapper, it sounds to me like you need to take St. John’s Wort and enroll in a Thai-Bo class to relieve all of that stress you are obviously experiencing!

There are some “pieces of work” in the fitness industry if that’s what you want to call it anyway. What’s sad is that back in the day I didn’t know any better and I remember when I saw an infomercial for Tony Little’s Target Training Ab series. I gobbled it right up, and yeah my abs burned, but no added definition. This is probably the most embarrasing fitness-related product I ever bought, right up there w. Retibol (anyone remember that one), Cybergenics Phase I, and I have to admit I bought a bottle of the ol’ Weider Dynamic Fat Burners, consuming these and taking his Dynamic Weight Gainer at the same time (ugh). If I only knew then what I know now…

Yeah i know what your saying…
At our local gym they have an idiotic trainer there that wants eveyrbody to do high reps low weight, so you can feel the “burn”. What a bozo… and i bet ya know what he looks like, a toothpick. Sometimes i wanna just rip his head off.

The general public is not even close to being interested in ‘hardcore’ bodybuilding. These fitness entrepreneurs are just filling the gap…for what most people want, what they’re doing is fine. The closest you’ll ever get to bringing bodybuilding to the masses is, like it or not, the Body-for-Life type programs. Most people just want to lose a little weight and build a small amount of muscle mass so they can look decent naked. Don’t be irritated by it…just do your own thing bro!

Tapper, there probably is no T-Man gym, other than perhaps Louie Simmons’ gym in Columbus. Even Gold’s in Venice has tons of posers and cuties in there for the social scene and the eye candy more than they are to train.

What you have to do is what my training partner Todd and I do in our gym, which is a damn nice place but has a relatively low quotient of serious, balls-to-the-walls crazies such as ourself: ignore 'em all! And I don’t mean strap on headphones and blast your own music. What I’m talking about is be so serious, so focused, so INTO your training that you don’t see and hear all the people chatting each other up about television shows, movies, and whether they should dare to eat two chicken breasts instead of one.

Last night was super busy in our gym, as Monday nights always are in January (resolutioners out in force). It was quad/standing calves night, though, and gee, even though people were literally standing around, waiting to get on cardio equipment, one of the squat cages was open. Go figure. We train with an intensity that scares many of these people, and we take pride in that. Nothing clears the leg curl machine faster when somebody is on it doing sets of 50 reps with 20 pounds, and reading a magazine inbetween sets ON THE MACHINE, than to have me stand over them in my ripped up Testosterone t-shirt/tank top, dripping sweat, red as a beet in the face, drinking my water, and staring at them. Suddenly it's time for them to do a quick set of crunches on a Swiss Ball or something. Phew, they're gone.

And quit watching all that late night infomercial crap! Get more sleep and grow!!!

Have you seen the worst infomercial of them all? The Chubby Checker TWISTASIZER, I’m not kidding, I saw it this weekend. Apiece of plastic equipment to twist your way to fat loss!!!

You know, one thing I absolutly fucking HATE is any time I do good mornings I can tell everyone in the gym wants to come up to me and say, “Hey man, those are like, pretty bad for your back, why don’t you just do some hyperextensions and hamstring curls?”

Also my gym is very small, and when I work out there's usually 2-3 other people there (in the free weight area). If I see some guy/kid struggling on a bench I usually offer a spot. Without fail, after I ask the kid will go into a 2 minute tyrade about how he's "getting back into it" or how he "lost 1/3 of his stength" or some other line of bullshit. It's like, I don't fucking care if you're weaker (or stronger) than I am, I just offered you a spot because I saw your arms shaking on your last rep like you were having a seizure and did't want to rush over in the middle of a set to get 135lbs off your neck, all you have to say is "yeah, thanks" or "no thanks." I don't want to hear you justify your weakness, you're in the gym and that's enough of a justification.

Greetings Tapper! My advice to you would be to simply prioritize and focus. If you want to be den-mother extraordinaire to the …(say with a lisp for full effect) “fitness industry” more power to you. Alternatively, you could take all the energy you’ve been spending on concerning yourself with other people’s foolishness (opf) and channel it into your goals…getting bodaciously big, strong, ripped, etc… relationship, career (a.k.a. getting laid and making money)…and just generally enjoying life. Things to think about. Midnight

It makes me sick too to see celebrities selling crap to people who don’t have a clue. I understand why our society just gives up on being healthy because the products we are selling them are worthless. Concerning “stupid” people in the gym… well I still respect them because at least they make the effort to train, even if it’s in a non-productive way. I see guys who do everything wrong in the book having much better bodies than me. Who am I to tell them what to do? Anyways, they are very nice to me when I ask them for a spot. I asked one the other day for eccentric biceps curl, and at the end the guy asked me why I did that. He’s working out for at least 20 years and he never saw that. You know, we are privileged to have access to this site, and people who haven’t discovered it yet are not necessarely stupid. They just apply the information they learned from the wrong source, because those sources are very convincing. I think we should be friendly with people around us in the gym. They make us laugh anyway, and that’s positive. If you train differently from them and have results, sooner or later they will come to you for advices. Then you tell them to visit t-mag.

I think Tapper has a right to be angry. The target audience for these “fitness gurus” are newbies, right? So, a newbie is going to buy their piece-of-shit AB-humper (hey, it’s the only name left to use), follow their “low fat, high carb” diet, not get any results, and swear off training. Which pisses ME off, because there are a lot of chicks in my area that need to get in the gym.

And I thought that there was no more Weider tax!

Que pasa T-bros. I’m with you on this one Tapper. The amount of bullshit that is out there outweighs the actual good info and supplements. And the fucking amount of people that actually try to persuade me to follow some tae-bo, chuck norris, eat hollywood organic eggplants for a better body plan PISSES ME OFF TO NO FUCKING END. I would try to use that energy for workouts, but I might end up throwing a 45 lb. discus at one of these gimmick followers, who usually are occupying a bench (I need ) to take a 5 minute break from a Body for Life thigh toning machine!!!

I think tapper has a right to get pissed. Im an Exercise Science student so when i hear this bullshit it pisses me off too. I dont waste any energy on it, I just move on. I hate being asked questions by people who obviously know less than me(ie, computer science major who weighs 175 with 23% BF), and then telling me im wrong. That pisses me off more than anything.