Sick Nutrition

With the flu season coming I think this might be an important issue. I just got sick myself, and while it was damn hard to get my food in, I still did it.

Does anyone know if there are any changes in Calorie requirements while one is sick? I know from physiology that the Immune system takes a lot out of your body, so perhaps we need even more than maintenance during these times.

Is being sick terribly catabolic?? I hit my biggest bench press ever today and I am sick… Interesting.

I too feel my immune system is at its weakest after my heaviest and hardest workouts.

As for nurtition i try to increase my cal intake a bit. Even though it is hard and you just want to sleep through it or lay in the bed.

Force yourself to eat good clean, easy to disgest food as often as possible. And drink tons of water.

i actually been sick too the last few days and i think a lost a couple pounds even though i tryed to shove the food down

Yeah… I started a cutting phase on Monday and got sick as hell on tuesday and Wed… I don’t think it helped one bit.

I usually don’t worry to much about eating clean when I am sick with the flu, I just try to eat. At least if I’m eating a giant cheeseburger, I enjoy it more than a couple of chicken breasts.

[quote]Christomopher wrote:
I usually don’t worry to much about eating clean when I am sick with the flu, I just try to eat.[/quote]

Same here. I had a nasty bug a couple weeks ago and had no appetite whatsoever.

I lived off of Grow! bars and jello.

Don’t stress it, just recover.

Yeah… To all reading this, the number one thing I have ever done to get over a cold is just sleep ALL DAY. Call off of work (Trust me…the company wont go backrupt) and tell the girlfriend you cant do anything tonight. Just sleep and let the immune system handle its shit. It’s amazing what 1 day of rest can do.