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Sick! No Gym Today


Yeah, I went to visit my buddy and his significant other runs a daycare.

Needless to say, I was exposed to all the latest cold and flu pathogens and now I'm diligently fighting them off.

I guess it was time for a backoff week anyway right?

Damn, I feel like I'm shrinking away... help me, I'm melting (and possibly a bit light headed and delirious).

Have any crackpot remedies to share?


Hey Vroom. I got knocked on my ass for 3 weeks this winter, and it sucked. Over (or hard) training and under eating doubled up on me with some bug from my roommate. Bastard.

Anyway, I'd recommend Cold FX, it was pretty kick ass when I used it. It's an immune system booster, based on ginseng, and it's Canadian too. : )

Good luck!


If it's that one bug that tightens up the chest while it clogs and burns the sinuses, Good luck!

I took a nice walk every day just to keep breathing, but eventualy fell in to a three day delerium. Lost 7 lbs. too. I'm in no position to lose that much.

Get well soon, You'll be back up in no time.


Maintainence workouts. Even if you're sick you can still get into the gym and get some sort of work out done. If needed, it's fine to take 4 or 5 days off, but anything more than that I would get in and do some maintainence work.

For Remedies...Echinecea has been the absolute best for me.


ZMA. Helps you get a good nights sleep and the Zinc is an immune system booster. It will dry you out, so a lot of water is helpful.

Also watch a lot of FOX News :slight_smile:


I have to say Airborne and Zicam do work wonders. I rely on them when I get the first symptoms. I think Airborne worked best. If you get Zicam make sure its the disolve losenges. The chewable ones didnt work as well.






Several people have mentioned these already: zinc and echinecia (sp). I carry them with me everywhere and as soon as I get that tickle in my throat and feel sickness coming on, I pop in a couple tablets and it's gone...poof!

It's the most amazing shit ever. I haven't been sick in years.

Also, if you're already sick and you take them, I've found that they help to control the sickness so that it does not get any worse.



Blood-letting. It works every time.


Airborne and sleep. Stops it dead in its tracks.


Hot Toddie...Boil water and add either Scotch or Irish whiskey. It has always helped me sweet out an illness.


Yeha vroom I had the flu 2 weeks ago..was out of the gym for 6 days and am still trying to re-find my groove


What I do: Go to bed with extra covers, and crank the heat (on my waterbed). Wake up in a puddle of sweat. The viruses get burned up, but I'm still here!


chicken soup cures ALL!!!


Yeah, started with a scratchy throat and now it's the sinus and lightheaded thing. I hope it doesn't progress into the full blown flu...

I'll try to get into the gym tomorrow for some light work even if I have to drug myself up a bit.

Thanks for the advice folks!


how bout some cupping to go with that - fight those ill humours!

Vroom - go with mega grams of Vit C per day, plus a multi Vit/Min and as suggested echinacea.

and lots of mugs of hot milo.

good luck


I take it you don't have kids?

Little peatrie dishes walking around and touching everything....


Milo.....my cats name.

I had Milo in Australia, it was OK. Just like vegimite and eggs in stores not refrigerated. I'm convinced we have different taste buds.

Your cheddar cheese is white too. Mc'Donals stuff tasted different as well.

I love Australia...it was very fun. The food kinda sucked though......

Chicki rolls everywhere..they were gross.


I'm just getting over glandular fever that had me out of action for 3 weeks.

Vit-C, liquids, and keep up a good number of calories. When you are sick, you loose weight cause you don't eat.

If your nose and chest are blocking up, I've found a good hot shower can loosen up the muck. Take 3 or 4 a day to help get rid of it.