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Sick in the morning

Anybody have any cures for nausea in the morning? Usually it lasts for 5-10 min where i feel like i will puke and then all of a sudden it passes? Its sounds like the morning sickness women get when they are pregnent. Could this have anything to do with what or when i eat? Thanks

Could be a number of things. Are you under a lot of stress, especially at work (or school) wherever you are going in the morning. I had a job two years ago that I hated and my body reacted exactly as you are describing. My cure? I completed the contract and resigned.

i half to ask…your not taking a muli-vitamin on an empty stomach are ya?

Just an idea but it could be lactose intolerance…maybe have it checked by a doc…


I know of several people who do get that nausea in the morning. They also have a tendency to a large meal at night (big late dinner) - and the nausea is why they don’t have breakfast. I can get the same way, though. I’m not use to a big meal in the evenings - prefer BEEG breakfasts.

I have to second sojumre, are you taking any pills? If I don’t have food in my stomach
pills come right back up, though some people just have the nausea

Hi, Cross. Ginger is used quite effectively for nausea of all forms, for morning sickness, for motion sickness and even stomach flus. In fact ginger has been proven to be more effective in treating motion sickness than Dramamine in clinical trials. Buy some in capsules, leave it by the bed with some water and take before you get out of bed. Experiment with the dosage. You can’t take too much. It may be an herb, but it’s also food.

However, that being said, I would still recommend that you discuss this with a doctor to find the underlying cause. It’s not normal to feel nauseated upon rising.

Talk to your doc ASAP regarding morning nausea. You shouldn’t be having this problem unless you’re a pregnant woman. But it may be due to stress. Extreme mental stress makes me nauseated, physically ill (indigestion, headache, vomitting, temporary nighttime blindness, nightmares, and/or insomnia), and cause depression, and morbid thoughts.

Does this occur before or after you eat in the morning, and if it’s after, what are you eating? I would agree on the multivitamin thing; I tossed one of those back up about a year or so ago, and that was not on an empty stomach. How about orange juice? Lots o’ acid.

Ive been getting sick in the morning since i was little. I usually either puke or wait it out. I dont see it being a big deal. Ive been doing it for twenty years and im perfectly healthy.

Try taking some allergy medication i used to throw up in the morning due to post nasal drip from allergies. Havent done it in a long time since ive changed my diet to include more fish ouil and some borage oil.

Sojumre had it right on, Never take any capsules on an empty stomach especially multi vitamins, it WILL make you puke, the stomach linning is sensitive to most of the crap we put in it, it adapts, most of the time, but mostly does better with foods, if you are suseptible to an upset stomach stay away from suplements for awhile. Prevention wins 100% of the time


hey sorry i didn’t post earlier. Been Busy.
My brother was having the same problem and he thought it might be the vitamin. so we stopped taking them and were fine. and then i read your posts and you thought it was the same. damn u guys are good. Thanks for the replies