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Sick During Cycle

I new this would happen…

My 4-year-old has been sick with a stomach virus for the past week. Now it feels like I’m getting it. I’m running between .5 & .6 ml of sust250 EOD. Assuming I get high fever & all the other nasty syptoms, should I:

  1. Keep to the same doses
  2. Cut my doses down (say, in half)
  3. Stop pinning until I feel well again


I’m leaning towards lower doses, though I’m going I don’t get so sick that I can’t just take advantage of a forced light week.


IIRC, high doses of T is immunosuppressive. That said, I don’t think I’d lower the dose, as you have sust.

Zinc, vit C, vit E, Superfood and shit tons of water.

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I find it’s damn near impossible to get sick while on cycle…

Unfortunately its part of life getting sick…whether your on cycle or not much you can do.

youll get through it.

As long as its not a reaction to the gear that is…then id be seeking medical advice.

I got a urinary infection when i was on cycle once and was really screwed up couldnt walk extremely high fever barely eating etc. bp was like 105 over 46!

Had two weeks off,recovered properly while on, and had lost zero kilos or strength when i came back to gym.

…and it was the only time ive been sick on cycle so far anyway.

as BBB said Take t keep more muscle.

I got sick once on cycle and it was horrible. As far as I know, steroids of any type (anabolic or not) can lower your immune system so when you do get sick your body is less likely to fight it off. I was running a cycle of Test E when I suddenly got some kind of virus. I felt horrible for like 3 days but it eventually got better and I was back in the gym within a week.

I wouldnt sweat it man, sometimes shit just happens. Take it easy for a few days and you should be back hitting the iron in no time.