Sick During a Cycle, Should I Proceed?

Hey all this is my first time posting here, but I’ve used this place for information before.

My problem is this:

I’ve been taking D-bol for about 3 weeks now, and I ended up having to wait on my Sus-250 and Deca a few days later, but not long.

I was going to front load the first 3-4 weeks with D-Bol and continue the Sustenon/Deca.

I’m into my full second week of all 3 stacked. and I’ve been sick as can be. Actually went to the ER last night with breathing problems because I have a Bronchial infection and suffering from exhaustion due to no sleep the past 3 nights and working hard.

Needless to say I’ve gotten in about 2 weeks of the cycle stacked, however it’s been since Saturday since I’ve been able to really work out and today is Wed. I’ve had appetite loss due to the infection and i’m not lifting.

I stopped taking the D-bol as it was pointless to take if i’m not lifting and it was nearing the point where I would have stopped it anyway.

So how should I proceed? My Dr told me to take it easy the next 3 days…

That will be nearly a week of not lifting and eating properly on my diet.

Should I Just scrap this cycle and begin a new one in a few weeks?

I’m not big on orals because I do feel it affecting my liver after about 3 weeks of use (in the case of Anadrol, one week which I wouldn’t recommend to my enemy).

Since you have already had several injections of long lasting injectables (deca and sust) I would say stay on cycle and make the best of it. It was not smart to start the dbol ahead of the test and deca but I don’t think it was planned.

Anyway, I got the flu in week three of a 12 week cycle and almost called it off. But in a week I was feeling better and only lost a couple pounds which I made up quickly. Get better and regain your focus for the duration.

Thats a good point. I wasn’t thinking of the length of time Sus & Deca remains in the system. I just hate losing a week.

And no, the plan was not to take the D-Bol without the other two. I already had the D-Bol and started taking it the morning of the first day.

Then there was a problem obtaining the other two on time, and it kept getting pushed back for a few days. While in hindsight I should have waited, I felt a few days of D-Bol only was not the worst thing I could have done.


Edit: The irony here is the Dr gave me a steroid (Prednisone) to take to get rid of this infection. So I hope it won’t mess with anything. Also one reason to stop the D-Bol altogether now.

Prednisone is a corticosteroid… not Anabolic…

I’m looking at it from the liver point of view only.

I don’t think it has any damaging effects on the liver…
It’s not 17 alkylated…
I own a lippincots drug reference manual, and it says nothing about causing liver damage…

I could very well be wrong, but just saying if you start feeling better and want to finish the rest of your dbol power to you.

Thanks for the advice man. I only read the information that came with the steroid, which of course listed the liver as one of the side affects.

Since i’m still sick, I plan on just taking off 2 more days then resuming and might just take D-bol for another 1-2 weeks. Winter time sucks! I only get sick then.

I got sick the other day, so I started my cycle early in order to reap the benefit of increased immune response. Now I am all better. Test rules! I don’t know if d-bol will do the same thing though.

Yeah, I was sick for a few days with a flu like virus and I just kept going to the gym anyway and that honestly made me feel better…

I have a bronchial infection that when my body temperature heats up, I get worse and can’t hardly stop breathing. While I thought this might be wise to do in order to hack up all the bad stuff…it apparently isn’t. Just got to sit back and let the medicine take over.

I tried just to move a chair early today upstairs and when I was done, I was sweating and coughing frantically.

Stupid infection!

I’m just going to hold off and let all of this pass.

I’d recommend knocking your dose down to 100-200mg of long acting test a week, quit the dbol, and quit the deca for the next week or two.

That way, even if you’re shut down at this point, you won’t feel like shit since you’ll still have test in ya.

Take a week to get well and start eating right again, then get back on with a full dose.