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Sick BJJ HL Video

Some of the GTA’s best fighters…Tap Star BJJ out of
Xtreme Couture Toronto

umm…sick indeed…but before disccussing that…umm…is that you in the avatar? Damn.

puts eyes back in head

Yeah,that dude above is a fucking beast. I actually feel sorry for Randy taking a picture next to him…lol. I assume he’s a HW. He reminds me of Roger Gracie’s build but with a little more muscle. I think I will add this to my “inspirational” vids…thanks for posting.

yea, jesus christ the girl in the avatar is fine as hell. exactly my type, pure fire.

Anyhoo… That is some solid fucking no gi, i know its a highlight but they really made the guys they were going against look like scrubs lol. Also, homie in the picture is fucking huge, i’m going to go make a weight gainer shake right now… fuck.

Besides the guy being a physical specimen, he’s also a damned good BJJ player. If you search Misha Cirkunov in youtube a nice interview with him comes up. Apparently he’s training out in Las Vegas with the likes of Forrest Griffin, besides being an instructor himself.

Very impressive.

2:24-2:28 was whoa!