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Sick at the End of Every Training Period?


Hey all, first post of hopefully many.

I have a problem with my training lately in that I seem to get sick or be on the verge at the end of each training bout. For example, I usually train 8-10 weeks and then take 1 week to deload or rest completely, but on my last two tries I've been getting sick on week 8/10 or the rest week. I'm not quite sure how/why this is happening and it ultimately leads to some pretty serious loss in strength.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Fill in the Blanks. What exactly are you doing? Be specific. And, getting sick how???


Are you gaining bodyweight at a rate of 3-5lbs a month?


You didn't give nearly enough information for anyone to give you any advice.


maybe try a de-load more frequently? getting sick really sucks, i feel your pain.

i started using a neti pot to rinse out my sinuses every morning because i never seemed to kick low level sinus issues. i felt i was getting sick too often and coughing too much. using the neti pot has definitely helped.

and stupid little things like not touching your face until you've washed your hands from the gym, and brushing your teeth/flossing regularly. i feel like mouth and sinus health is important for my body anyway.


Who the fuck doesn't brush their teeth regularly? Who the hell doesn't wash their hands after they lift? Man, I learned to do these things when I was 5...if these are the reasons the OP is getting sick, he has bigger problems to worry about, like learning how to take care of himself.


I'm currently 5'11", 181 Lbs.

During normal training weeks I'm doing 4 days a week. Each workout uses 1 straight set compound lift and then 2/3 assistance exercises for the muscle group. Usually as:

4x8 or 4x6 for the compound.
4x10,8,8,6 or variations thereof for assistance.

During the deload week I usually keep the rep scheme the same and lighten the weight to something I can lift for 15. I try to rest/eat for that week as much as possible.

Both deload weeks that I got sick I had been training up at college and then came home for spring/summer break (in this specific case summer break). My planning worked out that those weeks back coincided with a deload.

First time this happened I had vomiting, cold sweats, fever of 104, and severe cough.
This time I have fever and phlegm but I feel like I am on the brink of having all hell break loose again.

Let me know if there's any other info I should give?

Oh and washing hands/face is -not- a problem hahaha.

I'm keeping my weight relatively stable at the moment, trying to stay in the 181 class.


That helps some. But, what are you trying to accomplish with your training? Also, fill in the split, exercise selection, weights, etc...

What are the chances of your getting sick at roughly the same relative time in your training being purely coincidental? Shit does just happen sometimes.

But, I gather from your question, you think you're over-doing it. If your going balls-out on all of your sets, you just might be even with a deload.

There's so much at play here, the more blanks you fill-in, the more help we can offer. But, even then we may or may not hit the nail on the head.


Vanilla-Gorilla, thanks for givin' me a better idea of what I need to give you guys.

I have a class I'm taking today for a few hours so when I get back I'll try to fill in the rest of the blanks with full details.

I may go to the doctor today to try and see if it's somethin' serious.


Who the hell plans off weeks like this? So people aren't doing them because they need them, they are doign them because of the day on the calendar.

If your weight isn't moving at all, it is likely you are not eating enough to support any further progress. You mentioned a "181lbs class". Do you compete in powerlifting? What are your goals? To stay at the same weight forever? You don't really expect to make much in the way of overall gains that way, do you?


One option would be your training is too strenuous or you're having too little energy or rest to support it.

"There are many reports on URTI [upper respiratory tract infection] due to increased training, and also in OR [overreaching] and OTS [overtraining syndrome] athletes. It seems feasible that intensified training (leading to OR or OTS) may increase both the duration of the so called "open window" and the degree of the resultant immunodepression."

"In conclusion, it is clear that the immune system is extremely sensitive to stress */ both physiological and psychological, and thus, potentially, immune variables could be used as an index of stress in relation to exercise training. The current information regarding the immune system and OR confirms that periods of intensified training result in depressed immune cell functions with little or no alteration in circulating cell numbers."

Meeusen R, Duclos M, et al. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the Overtraining Syndrome. European Journal of Sport Science. 2006;6(1):1-14. (Full text: http://pdfserve.informaworld.com/128899__743927147.pdf)


Most people brush their teeth regularily, but washing your hands after the gym is something many people don't think of doing. I started sanitizing my hands immediately after each workout and have greatly reduced catching colds.


your not eating enough,
to stay under 181 just do more cardio.