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Sick Arch Video


BB showed me this video last night on a link from Outlaws. Clearly it goes beyond the flexibility capabilities of most of us. I can usually get a pretty awesome arch but this one is crazy. I'm interested in what other people think.

If she is able to do it within the rules of the IPA (the fed the meet appears to be in) does it fall outside the spirit of the sport? How do you determine what that is? It seems wrong to me but on the other hand, if someone has freakishly long arms and their DL ROM is similar, should they be penalized for it?


That is crazy. I wonder how much she would be able to arch with her feet flat on the floor (IPF Rules). I say if you can arch that much and stay within the rules more power to you.


as per usual i will say what others think. that is totally pathetic. that is a partial lockout, thats all. first, thats not a legal bench press. your ass has to be on the bench at all times. end of story. in every legitimate org, states, your but has to be firmly planted on the bench and can not come off of it at any time. yes, you can arch your back, but your butt has to stay on the bench. she lowered that bar no more than 3 or 4 inches.. thats truly pathetic. truly pathetic.


The way it is written right now, minus the feet, that would have been a perfectly legal IPF bench press. I know they have been trying to pass a new rule for the last couple years that will set a minimum distance the bar has to travel when bench pressing. I kind of hope they do make it happen because then I will start petitioning against sumo deadlifts... because the bar doesnt have to travel as far.


Actually your butt has to be on the bench when you're executing the lift according to IPF standards but can be up during set up and IPF is pretty legit. I can't say what they are in the IPA, although it was on the bench when she lifted but not during her set up. You can see her drop her backside to rest on the bench. When it was up, her sternum was actually higher than the bar.

I don't much care for it myself and it appears freakish but how do you draw the line other than to say you don't like it.


As far as I can tell, she's done nothing wrong. Toes are on floor, butt is on the bench during the press, she paused it on her chest and locked it out. Although I'm totally impressed by her flexibility and her arch, I'm not impressed by her bench.

I don't agree with the idea of making rules about things like ROM to make things "fair". I think that's totally retarded. If you got it, use it to your advantage. But I'm also a fan of "anything goes powerlifting". You want to take 8 grams of test a week and wear 3 Leviathans to squat 1000+, go ahead. There's a fed for that. If you don't, well, there's a fed for that too...


The setup is more impressive than the lift. If this chick were stronger, her five-board press-looking thing could be incredible.

Seems to me that she's more suited for a Vegas act or something.


I'm going to have nightmares from watching that.




x2, just hope she doesn't hurt herself.


ouch my back hurts just from seeing that.


Don't hate the player, hate the game.


So... do you have this girl's number!? I need it to um... critique her form :slightly_smiling:

A little more on topic, I thought it was totally awsome. As someone with long arms, not the most durable shoulders in the world to say the least, and a relatively flexible back, I totally empathize. With my arch and a wide as legal grip, I don't have to press the bar much further if at all any further than some thicker chested guys. My arch is probably the only reason my bench is relatively farther along than my squat despite my long arms and narrow short torso.



I agree, I had to stop watching.


wow, if it's legal, which it is - fair play!



I'm totally going to do a pike when barbell rowing when I go into the gym today, and row the bar up 2 inches. It'll be awesome.


If it's legal, it's fair game. Don't penalize people for having better natural advantage.


Seriously, otherwise you should make it that you can't have a big gut and bench press. It's cheating.