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Sick and tired of Liberals


I am an 18 year old college freshman that just voted for the first time (california govenatorial race) and walking from class to class, I was approched by 10 skinny hippy looking guys telling me how Arnold Was an evil, stupid, womanizing, steriod freak. And that was fine because they were just a few librals trying to get a vote. But now during the primarys Everyone is bad mouthing anything republican. My teachers, other students, younger kids are explaining to me how only evil racist rednecks are republican. And it doesnt stop there. I will turn on the TV and I am blasted with political slurs hurled at bush. WHATS WITH ALL THIS ONE SIDED CHIT!!!

Anywayz i just wanted to vent my frustrations, And I know i am not the only College kid who is feed up with all this liberal bandwagon crap shoved down my neck.


Colleges and the media are run by liberals. It's up to you to do the filtering.


works both ways man


What does that tell you that college professors who are probably some of the more intelligent people in the country as well as college students all seem liberal?


do you happen to live in the bay area?

if so move to turlock and go to stan state. that shit dont fly over here.


Big Wall - instead of being angry at liberals you should redirect your anger at whomever failed at teaching you how to spell.

Better yet, channel that energy into cracking open some books.


Only evil racist rednecks are Republicans? Hmmmm...

It sounds like only ill-educated, illogical, prejudiced, unrealistic dreamers are Democrats.

But what kind of people are Libertarians? (like me?)


liberals use the word MAN after a sentence. know what i am saying bro. like excuse me sir can you please put that gun down and stop robbing that person......MAN. i know it's not your fault that you are hooked on drugs.....MAN and have no money....MAN it's the governments fault that you sit on your ass and do nothing to help yourself.....MAN uuuugghhh you got me going bro damn liberals burn me. they are the typical nimby people.....MAN



What danh said, remember the Clinton's?


It's "gubernatorial"


"What does that tell you that college professors who are probably some of the more intelligent people in the country"



P-dog, you don't think it takes intelligence to be a professor at a university?


"Colleges and the media are run by liberals. It's up to you to do the filtering. "

Really? Ever watched fox news?


plus profs live in a special little world along with us students called Academia!

In Academia, the real problems of the world can be handled with student loans, grants, and calling home to mommy and daddy.

In Academia, there are no wars just arguments of theory and drunken nights of fun.


i dont think it necessarily takes intelligence to be a college professor. it takes book smarts. im sure we have all had professors who were lifetime students and educators, as well as those that actually went out and worked in the field. the difference between the two is like night and day. the professors that had actual life experience basically threw the text book out the window and taught us about the real world.

i only had a couple of professors that had actually worked in the field. i learned more in those two classes than i did in my entire educational career.


LOL I LOVE FOX NEWS! , that and the daily show.


You have to do your own filtering whether it's a college liberal or Fox news. Know the source, know their prejudices and filter accordingly.

That's the only way for intelligent people to really make up their own minds.


"Colleges and the media are run by liberals. It's up to you to do the filtering."

Yup. Sucks don't it?


"P-dog, you don't think it takes intelligence to be a professor at a university?"

I wouldn't say intelligence determines political lean. There intelligent people on both sides, no question.

Doesn't mean that one side isn't wrong though.

I've only had 1 conservative professor in 2.5 years of college. A math professor.


I love it how everytime that someone accuses the media of liberal, the only response is "yeah, but what about Fox?" So, let me get this straight, there are hundreds and thousands of media outlets, the vast majority of which lean liberal, but that is someone balanced out by ONE major news station. Right, thought so...

As for academia, most of academia is very intelligent. But remember that even communism works on paper. It's easy to get things to work in a lab or in a controlled environment, but when you add human nature into the element, things don't work out so well. Furthermore, the reason that academia tends to be liberal is because they like to recruit their own. Do you think that Stanford is going to hire an conservative any time soon? How about a far left wing liberal? If you think it's all about credentials, you are way off of it.

Another thing that I've noticed is that the more money you have, the easier it is to be liberal (unless you reach the very top bracket). Why is it that people like John Kerry, heir to the Heinz fortune, can be liberal, but someone like Colin Powell, who grew up in Harlem, ends up a republican? My theory is that if you have money and power, it's easy to look down and say how much we should all feel a sense of duty toward them. But if you have been in that position and you have worked your way out, then that paternalistic look is sickening and pathetic. I'm in category two.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Oh and by the way, if you ever want to be taken seriously, don't ever, ever, ever end a sentence with a "z". The "s" button is just as close and you don't look like a moron.