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Sick and Not Working Out. Worried

so this monday i thought i just had allergies and went to the gym. I was not sneezing or anything, just runny nose (i cleaned up all my equipment even if i did not sneeze or anything. i had a good workout (even made prs) and i felt way better. next day i started to cough and had green mucus so i said fack it got worst. and next day (today) im feeling more exhausted and short breath. so basically i skipped this gym section and decided to rest and recover. 1st because today is deadlift and ohp day high volume and i know for a fact that with short breath and fatigued i wont survive. 2nd i care about the people there. so my real question is, i won’t be doing any activity (probably until next monday because i want to be well rested and i cant tomorrow) should i still be eating 3k calories everyday?.Lastly, Since im doing full body 5/3/1 beginners this might be worrisome. i only workout this monday and couldnt hit today or fridays (other days im busy and want to fully recover). should i restart this whole week (im in first week of a second cycle) or go back to week 3 of first cycle and do that again? thanks.

It really doesn’t matter, man. You’re going to lose all your gains from taking that one week off. You should consider just taking the rest of the year off since you’ll miss Christmas week too.


All you gains are gone forever.

Seriously, this is not a big deal in the long term.

One week doesn’t matter, but you should take some days of to let you recover.Eating should be the same if not more to help with recovery. Make sure you have vitamin C and D, with enough protein and zinc.

Just start back at week 1 of your new cycle. Don’t freak out if you feel sluggish/weaker.

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thanks! i was planning on maybe start from the third week of first cycle and go from there just to get back into it. dont know if this actually makes a huge diference. also what about diet?

All the regular stuff, ALOT of it.

Just pretend you hadn’t been sick and eat like that. Unless it makes you feel nauseous, then eat what you can stomach.

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thanks will keep at it. also what about the training. would it be wise to go back one week (third week of the first cycle) and go from there?

You can restart the cycle if you feel like you cant keep up, one week wont change much.

No I’m pretty sure he will regress. Most likely after missing the anabolic window his muscles will begin understanding the confusion they’d be going through, and he will have to start back over with Starting Strength, or even better, Stronglifts 5x5 since rows are easier than cleans, and his LP will only last weeks since he is no longer a novice, but an advanced beginner.

The best option here is a few years of program hopping, eating in a caloric surplus, every single day, but actually only eating that much once every other week. After having a perfect diet and workout program, he will be ready for steroids.

my last week looked like this: Monday I made it to the gym. Tuesday I did not, and missed dinner because I was packing and trying to get a plane ticket changed all night. Wednesday I ate one meal, and flew to Jamaica, where I drank about 20 drinks between from the time I landed til going to bed. I proceeded to drink similarly through Saturday night, while also eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I spent Sunday flying and hungover and I ate like shit. Today is Wednesday, and I still haven’t gotten back in the gym since last Monday.

My bodyweight is within 1 pound of last Monday, and my strength will be the same, and when I make it back to the gym, I’ll just pick up my workouts where I left off.

You’ll be fine.



wow dude you actually pumped me to eat and follow the program without looking back! although i do have hormonal problems which makes it dificult to recover from training and im a bit scared that this might make me lose muscle/strength faster. (im trying to recover naturally before medication)

I heard you can’t claim natty status if you’ve taken cold medicine


Where did you stay? I’ve been there twice, and just did a different Sandals each time.

We stayed at Sandals Montego Bay for our honeymoon. We absolutely loved.

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Nice! I went there earlier this year.
Several years ago I went to one called either White Sands or Plantation House (it used to be one and then was the other) - anyway, we loved it. It’s a longer, nauseating drive from the airport, but a bit more secluded.
Just lots of drinking and eating wherever you are.

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Nice. Ya, that’s why we picked Montego Bay since it’s like 6 minutes from the airport.

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Yea I also stayed at a Sandals resort. It was Beaches in Negril. I was there for a wedding. There were actually 2 Sandals resorts in Negril, and our wedding party was split between the 2. Beaches was nicer, but allowed kids. The other Sandals was adults only.

I’ve been to Jamaica a handful of times before, but only on cruise stops. This was my first time to spend time at a resort. I wanted to fit in some golf, but the Sandals course was too far away. In Ocho Rios. I played there like 10 years ago and loved it.

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Sandals Jamaica? Was it all inclusive? Anyone go over Christmas?

please someone understand this reference

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