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Sick and limited budget (HELP)

I’m a student and on a limited buget. Usually my parent take care of food but I have to pay for my supplements. Problem is I haven’t eaten real food in 1 week, I have a terrible mouth infection and just today can bare eating cottage cheese. I went from 330g prot a day to about 40-120g. Been eating Ice cream and pudding for a week and using the EAS 5lb protein which I bought cheap recently. Haven’t lifted in over a week and I still feel horrible. So basically I’m limited to fluids and cottage cheese, and I have to start eating decent, b/c i’m just losing muscle. B/c my limited budget thinking i’d try a modified Fat Fast. Either way what i’m doing now isnt helping, so I figured i’ll try something. Protein has 20g prot,3g carbs and 2g fat per serving. Was thinking 2.5 servings (50g protein) 4x day for 200g prot then 1 cup cottage cheese for another 26g. Carbs would be around 50g and use flaxseed and canola oil to the shakes. Gonna get back to lifting tomorrow also. Does this sound reasonable given my impossible situation. Like I said, it’s prob gonna be several more days until I can tolerate food, then I need my widom teeth removed. Any help would be appreciated. This friggin SUX