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Sick After Workout

I just started working out a few weeks ago and am a little worried becuase after my workouts I am feeling a little sick for around 10-20 minutes after I leave the gym… then I calm down and feel ok. Not to intense but just enough to worry me.

My workout usually lasts only 20-35 minutes and i usually do compound exercies (no cardio) but I do sweat alot and am out of breathe during most of the workout- including 10-20 minutes after when I am feeling a little sick. I usually work on only one bodypart (back/chest) per session.

I take E/C before my workouts becuase i usually have low energy without it and it does help alot in the gym… I am worried though that this along with the workout may cuase high blood pressure and is potentially dangerous? I am 29 y/o so this may be an issue. or is my workout intensity maybe just too high and I need to relax or take longer rests between sets.

anyone else ever have this experience ?

I throw up all the time, not a big deal. I’ve heard some people say they feel sick if they have a lot of sugar before training but I’ve never noticed a difference one way or the other.

if u take longer rest periods it helps 25 mintues in the gym isnt going to make you very strong fast if thats your goal.

Ive found i get really sick if i go to the gym after eating. Ive started to train before i eat and im a lot better for it.

  1. drink a ton more water.
  2. it sounds like youre hypoglycemic.
  3. get off the fucking E/C stack if you have issues wtih high blood pressure.

I used to get sick after I lifted in the morning, but it didn’t happen in the evening. It hasn’t happened in over a year, so maybe you’ll get used to it.

I agree with the don’t eat before working out…2 hours is the space for me but my stomach is delicate like that.

the only time I’ve ever thrown up while working out is HIIT but otherwise no, I generally stop working out if I feel nauseous or about to collapse in any way ( I usually don’t have a spotter)