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Sicilian's Scumbags, Week 3/15

I can’t even BEGIN to explain what I hope happens to these mothefuckers…



people think I’m weird when i say i agree with the death penalty, but for sex offenders. Seriously, they have like an 80% rate of reoffending.

[quote]TheSicilian wrote:
I can’t even BEGIN to explain what I hope happens to these mothefuckers…[/quote]

No argument here…given the recent flux of reported sick acts against children, it’s time to let off some steam. Let your imagination run on this…WHAT would you do? Best internet tough guy persona, it’s about time. I’d say put Klan robes on them, hog-tie them and leave 'em in the dead-center of Harlem. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Might I suggest another addition to the list?


I’d suggest feeding them into a wood chipper over the course of 30 minutes, feet first.

– ElbowStrike

These still don’t top the story a read a year or so ago about an 11 year old girl who hung herself with her puppies leash.