Sicilian Volume Training?

Can the author of this article kindly provide any evidence in some studies to support his affirmations that, and I qoute:

Most volume programs you see in the magazines tend to promote sarcoplasmic hypertrophy unless very heavy loads with low reps are advocated (which tends to promote myofibrillar hypertrophy if enough sets are performed).

Of course, Im interested in peer reviewed studies, not the original Nikituk and Samoilov 1990 , nor the passing remark on this made in Zatsiorky’s book.

Most studies I had seen do not support
the idea that different rep ranges has any effect on upregulation of different fractions of proteins following hypertrophic ranges.

I have a small objection to the volume training styles and that is that their volume isn’t really that high if you think about it.
I mean 10 sets per bodypart once in 5-7 days is nothing when their intensity is so low.
Maybe i’m wrong though.

P.S. I’m half sicilian myself.