Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum | 531 and Other Stuff

congrats and happy birthday to the princess. Such good times and they go so quick. Enjoy them mate.

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Too true mate.

C4.1 W2 D1
Straight into press day, wasnt too stiff from yesterday.

Dbell squats easy with 35kgs for 10. Thats the biggest i have so may have to invest in some oly dbell handles to push the weight up over the next few cycles. Will puah the reps up first obvs.


No dedicated training today. Early start at work, and after work, 2.5 hrs of wood splitting and laying turf. I believe yard work can help with the physique :relieved:
Did Agile 8 and a few yoga poses and extra stretches.


C4.1 W2 D2
Agile 8
Power Clean: build up to 62.5 x 5x3
Front Squats: 62.5x5, 72.5x5, 80x5x 62.5x 5x5
alternating superset with:
Incline Dbell row: 20’s x 10,15,15,15
Incline Dbell Press: 20’s x 10,12,15,15

Band PA 4x25
Hanging leg raise: 7,10,8,7

Front squats moving really well. Every set were like pistons, and second workout front rack feels way more limber. Back is mostly better, still gets me if I reach on a funny angle or bend at the wrong angle or something. The focus on mobility etc is helping combat all the sitting I do. Also using the stand up desk way more (and take my shoes off when I do).

Diet needs a bit of a spotlight for me right now - got into too many “convenience” habits in the last year. I am a sporadic tracker, but just need to clean the junk out, it’s not like I can’t tell what’s bad for me. Putting it on here for any guidance/advice for the recovered junk food addicts.
For context if you want to help:
I travel a lot (often driving in the desert wasteland that is country Australia LOL) work fairly long hours at a desk job, when I do get home I have my own family, and don’t have a very health focused wider family. When I do travel, I often choose to stay with family too, as it’s a big cultural thing for me and I have a lot of them around. I’m not crying martyr, I realise they are MY choices what goes in my mouth, just any work-arounds or tips to stay on the path are welcome.


No training today. Cut wood, split loaded and stacked firewood for 4 hours. Washed and cleaned cars. Managed to stay on my feet pretty much all day so think I burned some cals.


Some ideas that start at the point of shopping:
Buy cans of skipjack tuna, Mackerel etc. These can be stuck in the car for convenience. Maybe some biltong as well if you can get some for a decent price. I keep a few tins of tuna in my desk drawers as a backup in case I don’t get food prep time in the night before. Guess you could also stick a protein shaker and small bag of protein in too.

Before you go to work prep your food the night before as a minimum, as you know what to eat the selection of what should be easy enough for you to decide. This will reduce temptation to go off script with any local cafes, canteens etc. I speak as someone who used to abuse the canteen at work with a gluttonous breakfast every day and piled weight on. Where I work now the only time I use the canteen is for the occasional Starbucks and a box of salad.

When working away I guess if you’re eating out opt for better choices. I’m not saying salads but most places have got less shit options these days, you could always neck a protein shake before eating out which should stunt your appetite

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C4.1 W2 D3
Circuit warmup of chins, pushups, squats
Med ball throws x10
Bench 70x5, 80x5, 90x5, 70x 5x5
Alternate superset with
Bulgarian split squat with goblet hold 27.5x 5x10
GHRs with 10kg plate x 5x10

Band pull aparts 4x25

All done in 35. That pace had my heart rate fairly elevated the whole time.


Cheers, some great suggestions. The biggest takeaway is just be prepared, which is definitely where I fall down.

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C4.1 W2 D4
Agile 8
Trap bar jumps x10 (Josh Bryant idea I saw)
Trap bar DL 85x5, 95x5, 107.5x5, 85x 5x5
Alt. ss. with
Chins 6x8
Dips 5x10

Band PA 4x25


Week 22 of 2023.
Review of week 21:

  • was inconsistent despite less travel with some urgent house DIY stuff and Wood cutting (person needed it gone this week)
  • diet was very average.
  • did no extra conditioning.

Goals for Week 22 (5 days T-S)

  • 4 Krypteia Prep Week 3 Workouts
  • 1 hard conditioning
  • 3 days easy conditioning
  • Keep total calories in target range, protein in target range

I have 2 days of travel this week, plus some personal on Saturday so will need to get creative. Luckily I will have access to a gym for the work travel.


C4.1 W3 D1
Today was one of those. Its done though.

I love how much this Krypteia pumps you up.

Im not lean enough for pump up pics but feeling brave haha.


Looking good sir, and a great starting point for lots of gainz to come.

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C4.1 W3 D2
Power clean, built to 67.5 x 5x3
Front squat 67.5x5, 77.5x5, 85x5, 67.5x 5x5
Alt ss with
Incline dbell bench, 27.5x 12,10,12,10
Incline dbell row, 27.5x 15,15,12,15

Hanging leg raise 3x10
Pull apart 4x25

Assault bike Tabata 20/10 style, 52 cals, 2.2kms

Coming for you @simo74 , front squats and airbike


Very nice work mate. Get them squats on a video and join the front squat challenge. Now you have done that interval thing I need to give it a go. Damn you

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C4.1 W3 D3
Airbike warmup, few swings and goblet squats
Bench 75x5, 85x5, 95x5, 75x 5x5
Alt ss with
Goblet split squat 27.5x5,10,10,15,12
GHR 10x 7,10,10,10,10 then unweighted x15

Band pullapart 3x25
Trap bar farmers walk, fat handle 60kg, lap of poolx3

Done. This one gasses me the most i reckon, its the combo of GHRs and split squats.