SI Tenderness and Popping

He guys!
Always had a bit of a wonky back (it gets tight when walking and especially standing a long time). First few months no problema lifting, but since 6 months it has been flaring up. These are the issues:
-stiff when I get out of bed: i lose mobilty and tense up because my body is afraid of pain
-tenderness when i have to stand in a hinge position
-need to pop my SI back quite often during the day (works best when my right food is hooked begins something and I prop my body up. Gives a relieving crack)
-SI joing feels instable when doing hinging and squatting. Loss of strength but especially speed because of that.

Any tips to relieve it are welcome+

Is SI joint pain unilateral or bilateral?

Hey man,

Unilateral mostly, but it radiates a bit. If I lie down in just pops back on the right.