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SI Joint

One can I do to make sure my SI joint stays healthy. Since a somewhat major injury in december, I’ve managed to finally surpass my lifts at that time. But sometimes it will still feel a little tight and achy.

I was thinking mostly along the lines of mobility and exercises/drills but any advice is welcome. No, I don’t have access to a quality doctor, only the one on the insurance plan who really isn’t all that familiar with sports injuries.

try defranco’s Agile 8 (google)

I finally got myself assess and correct by robertson, cressey and hartman. it’s pretty expensive by my standards, so I hesitated, but I really wish I did that a year ago. I saw a 70% pain reduction in just one day.

^70% in one day…on the real!?! I only saw 58% in two day’s…must have missed something.

To the OP…you need to fist gain an understanding of your functional anatomy; just because the pain is in the area of you sacroiliac joint…doesn’t mean its a pathology with the joint itself. Understand your body so you can identify what your issue really is, I’d recommend finding an old anatomy text somewhere or Building the Efficient Athlete if you have some spare change laying around. As was mentioned above look at purchasing Assess and Correct, this will give you the fundamentals for assessing yourself and movements to help you regain proper movement patterns.

I’d also recommend Stuart McGill’s: Low Back Disorders and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance.