SI Joint Popping

…but not an injury yet, I just like to be proactive. Something I’ve had for years, on and off. When sitting for an extended period of time (I drive for work, standing up regularly isn’t an option) I feel a tightness in my lower lumbar spine, in what i think is my SI joint. When seated, I cross my legs at the ankles and pull them apart I get a pop slightly off center, which i can get on the other side by crossing my ankles the other way.

Any ideas? I’m pretty heavy on the posterior chain, and I do box squat, but I don’t think I’m much of a rocker. Is this indicative of a weakness somewhere else? Abs, adductors… something else? No pain yet, but Keeping my back healthy is high up on my list.

i have the exact problem. ive found really stretching my glutes and hamstrigns hard has helped.

thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

I had an SI joint injury in December that took about 50 lbs off my squat and dead about 3 months after the fact. I found the tennis ball rolling on the hips worked awsome as did foam rolling and stretching my hip flexors. Improving ankle and hip mobility helped too.