SI Joint Pain?

Was doing sumo deadlifts when I started getting a strange uncomfortable feeling in my back. I try to keep an upright posture, and although my back might have been curving a TINY bit, it was very minimal (I always film a few reps to make sure). Kept going which was a bad idea. Now when I squat, deadlift, or load my spine the bones between my butt and my lower back hurt (I don’t think it’s a muscle).

When I bench I’m fine, but overhead press aggravates it some as well. Seated DB press doesn’t. The worst part of the discomfort/mild pain is at the bottom of a squat or the beginning of a deadlift. I am stretching my hip flexors/rolling my quads and glutes. What else should I do to get over this ASAP? ALso stopped squatting and deadlifting for a while

I find myself having the same issues. Few things I’ve done (and continue to do on a daily basis) to prevent the SI issue: I use a lacrosse ball on my glutes rather than a foam roller. This allows a more focused shear as I roll side to side while sitting on the ball (yea, I can hear the comments now…LOL). I then use the lacrosse ball on my lower back.

I place the ball near the spine while laying on my back. I then roll slowly back and forth (I don’t cross the spine with the ball. Just do one side at a time). I then lay on my side and place the lacrosse ball under my hips. I usually don’t have a problem finding a tight spot in my hips. I then flex and relax while laying on the lacrosse ball. If you want some videos of what this looks like, go to YouTube and search for Kelly Starret.

I’m not a huge CrossFit fan, however, I like what he brings to the table to teach folks how to correct their own issues.

Just my $.02…