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SI Joint Issues

I injured my SI joint about a year ago after squatting. It always gets reaggravated by squatting. So I stopped squatting for about 6 months, and started using the hack squat machine instead. Anyways, I started Quattro Dynamo yesterday, and decided to start squatting again. I went really light (135 for 5x3) and felt fine afterwards. But when I went home and awoke from a nap, my back was stiff as a board, and I knew I injured it again.

I was going to a chiropractor but his adjustments and stretches only provided temporary relief.

I know I have some flexibility/imbalance issues - I don’t go far down enough even if I go really light. So as a result, I tend to bend over too much. I want to go to a physiotherapist but I’m in school right now, so I can’t afford it. Does anybody have experience with this? I don’t want to give up squatting. I hate using machines.