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Si Joint Issues


So I have recurring si joint issues. Most recently I popped mine on a heavy set of rack pulls. Anyone else have si joint issues? Any exercises you recommend?

My hip flexors and lower abs are fairly weak(I have a job that I'm seated most of the day which doesn't help) and a physical therapist I went to believes this to be the source of the problem. She gave me one exercises but I'm looking for additional options. Thanks.



Im hoping someone gives some advice cause I recently got same problem. I had popped mine a year ago but still able to train without much pain or any issues. This year it's gotten bad and popped it again. Plus depending on how I step or move the front of my groin catches and locks up in pain too. It constantly feels out of place and clicks.

Just out of curiosity do you know what the pop that occurred when I injured it?


For me, I have a side to side imbalance that causes low back and si pain. Chances are, you do to.
The general stuff seems to have worked for me, strengthen you pelvic stabilizers, and hip extensors. Back extensions (make sure to squeeze glutes), single arm suitcase carries, and weighted planks are some things that have helped me. First diagnose your imbalance, and then attack it. Do your normal workout, if it is still possible, and do the stuff to address the imbalance as a warmup or at the end of the workout. Hope this helps.


Ok thanks


Strengthen your glutes
loosen the hamstrings
loosen the hip flexors
strengthen your hips
rolling planks to increase muscular tightness pre lifting
planks in sets of 10 with 10second contractions of your glutes and abs ( do flat planks then side planks in this fashion twice a week on different days so 4 total sessions )
Copious reverse hypers
scorpions in your warm up

All of these have helped my SI the first 3 are a constant battle for me.


Thanks for the replies. I've started twice daily mobility work for hamstrings and hip flexors.


I've had these issues and actually made a little note pad file for when these types of threads pop up. Here's what's in that file:

I've like tractioning. I'll set up a band up high, loop it around my ankle, lie down with my leg at a 45 degree angle up and out and kind of wiggle my hip around until the SI pops back into place. I really only find it useful if it's out of place, but it can still nag you while it's where it should be just because of inflammation.

For long term SI health, I found using minamalist footwear like 5 fingers or the Adidas minimus to be very helpful. I was landing with too hard a heel strike to let it heal and this taught how not to.

Clamshells might help shuttle blood in there and teach proper movement.

I like really light and easy goblet squats and 1 leg stiff legged db deadlifts. You're just trying to stretch things out and ingrain proper movement patters, maybe get a light pump sometimes but that's not even necessary.

Be sure to stretch out your piriformis. Also get a soft ball and work it into your entire hip complex. Stretch and do soft tissue work on your hip flexors. Sometimes they pull on your hip in a way that irritates the SI.

For SI the stuff on this link: http://thelowback.com/...x.htm#exercises The manual correction will work if you use a band set anchored up high too, just be sure to get the angle right.

These vids helped me too. For us weightlifters, you'll need to use a bit more than pressure from your hands. http://www.do-it-yourself-join...

I do this after first warming up the area with general light exercises. When my SI clicks out of place and I'm having a lot of trouble popping it back into place I'll cross friction by placing a broom into a corner and lean the tight ropy parts of my hip close to the SI into the round part of the broom and hold it gently moving it into there for a minute or so. I do this only if lax ball work and stretching and tractioning doesn't fix the problem because it does cause a good bit of inflamation and soreness and tenderness. The premise is that you're basically opening up tight tissue and reinflaming the area but having it inflamed where the SI should be so your body can build back the correct way. Followed by lying clams and very strict one leg db romanian deadlifts and bird dogs with a very slow tempo to make sure it's in the right place after loosening things up. Do not take anti-inflammatories. You actually want it to keep your SI there while it heals.

Google 'band man dave tate' and you'll see a couple of things for band tractioning for the lower back.

With all that said, even after the issue happened in December '09, I'll still have issues and some days just have to take more time to warm up and sometimes even change the exercise I'm doing or take it back a notch. I narrowed my stance on squats and allowed more knee travel to take stress off my hips. I also started DLing conventional to take stress of my hips too.


100% this.

Also see a chiro.