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SI Article on FDA Supplement Reports


Interesting read: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/david_epstein/05/12/fda.docs/?eref=sircrc

Check out the creatine reference of '"razor blade crystals" in his joints'...


Couple of thoughts I have after reading this...

  1. I wonder how many of these cases are the result of the individuals not following label recommendations?

  2. I wonder if SI will next investigate the number of deaths and illnesses reported from OTC drug use (ie. Tylenol, Aspirin, etc.). Hint: They far exceed those attributed to supplements.

  3. Then I will ask SI, "what's your point?"

The demonization of the supplement industry has been a telling example of what happens when you live in a society where critical thinking and reasoning skills have deteriorated and hype and the 10 second news bite becomes truth.


The adverse effects stuff is NOT interesting at all.

What's interesting is the false label claims.

Most of the supplements you take DO NOT contain what the label claims.



Most supplements DO NOT contain what the label claims.


What can I take to increase reasoning skills?


"SI also obtained a spreadsheet of 122 products that the FDA evaluated in 2008. Forty of the products did not meet all the necessary requirements of a dietary supplement."

What does the FDA know about dietary requirements....NOTHING!


this "report" comes from a publication whos best selling feature is a swimsuit issue.....truely a source of HIGH integrity is say.

the key to all these supplements IMO is to do your own research....know what the chemicals are and do...and dont buy products with alot of "production value"....high level marketing....you know....

"take this and you will be like the swinging chode pictured here....and get all these stacked bitches"

always beware of flash marketing...it a product is good and worthy....then it sells itself chums.