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Shuttle Launch

Anyone watching it?

Im also wondering about you american (or anyone really) guys opinions on NASA and their budget and missions etc.

Seems like a good ol’ stars and stripes moment, launching on independence day at all that.

Looks like the weather is going to be fine this time and the launch will finally go ahead.

I’ve been of the opinion that we really don’t need to be in space. If there’s really something useful we can do out there, awesome, but I think taxpayer dollars should not be thrown into space or oil-rich countries, but into our own domestic problems.

I think I’m gonna be at the bar with some buddies for World Cup. Otherwise, I’d watch. I hope it goes off ok. I don’t have too much faith in NASA these days. They’ve had a lot of goofs.

I watched it with my kid. Funny that he has no apprehension at all as it goes up. He’s 6 and has no clue about the Challenger explosion. It reminds me of getting up early as a kid to watch the shuttles launch on CNN before school.

Looks like it all went smoothly

I haven’t watched a shuttle launch since the challenger. I was about 6.

Honestly, it doesn’t interest me - I don’t care.

I don’t agree with so many manned space missions. No need anymore. But I think space exploration and research will turn out to be very important. Not just for Americans, but for all humans and maybe even some non-humans.