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Shutdown After Getting Off Cycle


hey guys, im looking for some advice on what i could possibly do. I have taken prohormones on and off for two years, about 7 cycles total and i never realized until the last couple of months that i wasnt interested in having sex anymore and had no desire to do so. the last thing i took was some dbol for about a month and couldnt get an erection about the last two weeks i was on it. i noticed my nuts were shrunk up in my stomach also.

i went to a doctor and got some blood work done. my test levels were 469 ng/dl. my free T was 1.25 ng/dl. my estradiol was 42.7. i then realized how low my test was so i got some nolvadex and clomid and took that for about 3 weeks. the doctor tried to tell me i needed to be on testosterone for the rest of my life and I thought that sounded ridiculous so i figured i would wait and get some more blood work done.

I am wanting to stop taking all supplemements completely because i used to have sex 3-4 times a day atleast 4 times a week. i waited a month and got my bloodwork redone and my test levels were back up to 868 ng/dl. my LH was 11.16. my estradiol was 28. my prolactin was 4.93. my free testosterone was 193 pg/ml. My nuts are alot smaller than what i used to remember them being like although they have dropped back down.

i have been completely off of everything for about a week now and was wondering if it will just take some time to get back to normal because i obviouslly dont have low test levels anymore and i feel great just dont have any sex drive or ability to get an erection. I am hoping that i dont need trt and that everything should be back to normal in a couple of months.

i dont feel like i have taken enough stuff to have me permanently messed up and the second doctor told me to just wait it out and my body will balance itself out over time. i was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this and recovered from it because i dont want to have to keep taking supplement and get even more messed up. if so how long do you think it will take before everythings right again? will my nuts grow back on their own over time?


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Hell of a second post, can't wait to see your third...in 2014 or so.


Alpha Male and cialis should work

You could look into hCG for the shrunken balls problem.


You need to get your DHT checked. At those levels, your T and E2 are pretty perfect and shouldn't be causing your issues. However, if your T is not converting to DHT that can harm your libido and cause erectile dysfunction.

If DHT is low, you may be able to improve with proviron or androgel applied directly to your nutsack. I'm not sure if this requires lifelong treatment, or just enough to get you going again and "wake up" your system.

Good on you for not taking your doctors advice to begin with--amazing a doc wanted to put a man your age with 450+ T levels on TRT....usually you have to fight tooth and nail for that.


I don't think hcg is right in this situation after the cycle. His LH is already high and should be enough to restimulate the testes, I would think. Maybe short term high dose hcg would do a better job, but they should eventually recover size at current LH levels.

Cialis may or may not work in this situation--it appears that some people who manage to kill their boner ability through AAS are not able to take traditional ED meds to regain normal function. I'm not sure why this is...


yeah I have been taking a cialis every friday night in hopes of banging this chick out but that doesnt even get it hard anymore and it used to get it retarted hard for two days, it wasnt even funny. so that why i think i definately dont have erectile dysfunction problem. its just like i dont have any feeling in my dick. they veins in it seem to pump blood pretty good


and any idea on how long this is going to last? and do yall think theres hope here. because i really want to stop all supplements. whats up with the Alpha Male? its still artificial right?


i dont think its eriectile dysfunction either because i still have no desire to have sex


No libido + no ability for erections = Prolactin or DHT (E2 is a 3rd culprit in these cases, but you already ruled it out)...you need to get a blood test for these.

Sanity check: What is the lab range for your Estradiol = 28?

I have a couple other theories on why these ED issues persist in the presence of otherwise normal hormone levels (which we aren't sure you have), but haven't been able to confirm them yet. One being "thick blood" that somehow impedes adequate blood flow to your johnson--this would explain ED in the presence of otherwise normal libido (desire). Not sure if blood donation would help this.

Another issue that could explain both would be dopamine imbalance--still need to do some research into this.


20 - 75 estradiol range


prolactin range was 2.64-13.13


Oh I didn't see prolactin in your original post--your prolactin and E2 appear to be good, so that leaves DHT which you still need to have measured.

How long had you been off the clomid/nolva when you get the blood drawn?


about two and a half weeks. the first doctor did say one thing that made sense though, he said that once your briain loses that ability to send messages to your penis to work or be aroused then it is permanently shutoff and can never be regained. i also wondering if your sack should be filled out because mine feels really thin and empty


if i took a couple of kits of somatropin HGH could that possibly get everything back right and if not would it hurt me worse?


This sounds ridiculous on it's surface. I would be wary of a Dr. who throws out absolutes like this. Or, ask him for a reference.


EDIT: I misread your post.

Your hormones appear to be perfectly normal. I dont know what your test was before the cycling, but its unlikely to have been much higher? Get some viagra or cialis and wait it out for a few months before considering anything as drastic as TRT.


VTBalla is right in this aspect, cialis and viagra do not work when there is no desire to have sex. I can speak from experience here.

VT, a quick question slightly off topic, in regards to your "theorys" of ED, why is it that a 'friend' of mine can get fully erect with his girlfried but not with an escort? stupid question but just wondering..


Guilt? lol


For real though, at that point, it is obviously psychological...

As long as 'he' is bringing the forearm of Abraham with 'his' chick, then you can absolutely rule out physical issues. Some (many?) guys have trouble first time with women due to anxiety and self confidence issues. Then after a few times, nerves settle and he is able to lay the pipe...could be nervousness because escort is wicked hot, so he has performance anxiety?

This is assuming that you...errrr...youR friend is not escorting ladyboy hookers that look like ladyboy hookers...