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Shut Up!!!!


What, the, fuck?

Operation Raw Deal goes down and suddenly there are 20 new threads about this source or that source and can I get a source and where's my order blah blah blah SHUT THE FUCK UP.

This is not a source board! Even if it was, sources have gone private or been pulled on every single board.

There are scammer and bust lists on a fuck ton of boards, don't bring it here! Repeat, this is not a source board. Stick a dirty fungus infested sock in your mouth and bite down you 8 post wonders.

I just can't believe you schmucks are jumping on to complain about orders not being delivered. Does your cranium even house a functioning brain??? Why don't you go ahead and post your real name, address, date of birth, social security number, and everything you ordered to save the DEA some time.

Keep your mouth SHUT!





Thank You and well said...


right on....

Good post...



Excellent post.Since that bust has happened more posts has been put on this site showing sources and everything.Any wonder companies were bust!!!


I have to agree. Every day there are several more of these silly threads... All by new members with only a couple of posts to their names. It's time that they wise up or go elsewhere. Preferably both.


Great post (and avatar)


I disagree with this and most of you guys here are assholes.

This should be an open source board! Just because I'm new here, I deserve to be scammed?? Just because I haven't "paid my dues" yet, I deserve to be arrested and federally f*cked??

Un-fucking-believable. :smiley:

(EDIT - to be clear, I was joking)


When someone comes on here with just a few posts people should suspect them to possibly be one of the bad guys who are trying to bust companies. This is what we should think, you have to earn trust, it is wrong of people to just spit out reliable sources that is how they get busted.


Does this mean my test from gaylord labs isnt coming, maybe I should email them. But seriously good post. It is very uncanny watching the abrupt change from carlessness and steroid euphoria to one of worry and confidentiality since the DEA's tea bagging of our UGLs. Crazy stuff.

Dont worry though, it will just take one or two public humiliations and law enforcement will find another crime to chase to take the attention away from steroids.


The horse is out. Close the door!


As time goes on, I wouldnt only consider the new guys to be the only threats. Law enforcment is like a dog humping someones leg, as long as they arent getting kicked off and its working they are gonna stick with it till they are forced to find something new. Time goes by and all the sudden under cover pigs are becoming more trusted members. Even veterans of the boards?


Mmmm.. fungus infested sock.



Excellent post. I agree 100%. Oh, and FYI chillain, the reason the DEA busts labs is because idiots post sources and blab their mouths. If you get scammed, that sucks. But that's the game. If I ever decide to run a cycle, I'm prepared to take that chance as part of the system, and I'm not gonna whine about it.

I don't gamble with money I can't afford to lose. I'll PM people involved and spread it that way, if at all. The reason people are getting arrested and "federally fucked" is that they are openly posting sources and info in the first place!

If you don't want to get federally raped then you don't advertise your illegal activity. At the very least, people could PM and keep it off the main boards.


How about we shoot the motherfuckers that left the door open in the first place?


I'm going to bump this thread every day if I have to.


I'm sure we could ask the mods to reject any post that lists specific names or labs related to AAS and illegal drugs. I wouldn't have a problem with that, as there is a PM function for a reason. Plus it would keep a lot of stupid people away from this board that are only interested in finding a source or posting five times and never coming back. They aren't interested in T-Nation as a whole.

Would anyone have a problem with this?


The investigation went for 2 years... You wanna whine then whine, but it was comin'. get cocky,"they can't bust me, my shit's sorta legal!" Hushmail, non-FDA approved "research" products,whatever....
Unless you live where it's legal, you're in some shit! You made enough money for a good lawyer,huh? All I can say is, Let it rain.


Sharwaz, I think thats a good idea...
I was really wondering why the Admin of this site lets those type of post through? Everyone always talks about how T-Nation is not a source board... But In the last 2 weeks I have seen an increase in source post on this site...
I have not been a member to long, but I am really not a fan of posting sources... Its just asking for problems..
Being a little older I really dont like problems...



I'll be honest, I've been seeing a lot of source talk ever since the Raw Deal weekend. If anything, that whole ordeal should shut people up.

I have received no less than 10 PM's in the past week alone asking for a source and am by no means what would be considered a "vet" here.

I really am starting to wonder how secure this board is, even with the PM's and all. Could a mod maybe clear this up for us?