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Shut Down and Confused

Everyone ,

I started my cycle back in June 2012. I ran it for about 10 weeks until the second week of August. It was as follows :

Test p wk 1-2 50mg Ed
Test E wk 1-10 250mg x2 weekly
Tren a wk 7-10 50mg Ed
Winny oil inj. Wk 7-10 100mg daily
Hcg wk 1-10 250 x3 MWF

I finished and then right after had a personal issue and could not start PCT. About 2 weeks ago my Libido crashed, and hard to get the guy up. Nuts(testes) seem full. I started in a week ago on clomid alone 50mg daily but stopped today. I am very worried but so long after the cycle I just crashed ? Wonder if it is mental?

Wondering how to get things back to normal? Words o wisdom would be great. Just did blood work today should have results in a few days to help diagnoise the problem a little better.

Wondering since I read a lot is if I am recovered or recovering and should I start pct now but blast hcg and take caber, Nolva, clomid, and aromasin?

Oh and I can tell my hormones are hacked do to breaking out after cycle and about a few weeks ago on my back and still happening.

??? Anyone

Hello,yes the blood result’s will tell you the statis of your FSH folicle stimulating hormone.The drug clomid is designed to activate the pituatary a hopefully get your signaling too the leydig cell’s and correct/start the process.I wish you well john

Dont do anything till you get your blood results.


I got my bloods back guys. What numbers do you want ?

ED is not fun. I am at the age where my hardons are not what they were in my 20’s. . .granted I have impossible standards as far as libido is concerned. . .since my sex drive has been literally through the roof right up until my late 30’s. Owing to this, my own research into TRT has led me to believe that the hormonal response in human beings is immensely sophisticated.

The drugs commonly used in muscle building and PCT are the equivalent (In my opinion and to use an analogy) like using a shotgun to kill a slug. Residual hormones like estrogen and testosterone (and god knows what else) are circulating in your system doing lord knows what to your brain and body after your system was flooded with hormones and suppressants.

Many of the guys on here will give you all kinds of advice. . .my opinion as a layman (and with very little understanding of the situation) is to fess up to a qualified doctor and see if he can help you. . .and don’t take one doctors advice. Someone on here might just tell you to take “this” or “that” for another few weeks but think critically about that advice–it’s your fucking body you are talking about, and your life. I’d rather be trim and good in bed then jacked to fuck and unable to get it up at all. When in doubt take nothing. . .you might find it takes months to recover but the body usually has a way. . .

My 2 cents! Boo Rah!

I understand. Just wondering if it is in my head. Estrogen, test are all normal per my labs.

So took Viagra last night and no go. Very odd. Can my brain keep that from working. ? That was 9:00pm when I took it and tried at 9:40 and nothing. When I wake up this morning around 7:00 I get a hard on off and on for like a hour. I had sex with the wife but not the normal stamina. I was worried I would go limp or something. But finished no problem.

What does this all mean?

ED may be in your head–but I would say only if you have a prior history of it. I’ve had psychologically induced ED before and Viagra helps a lot. I am fighting the double whammy of age and prior psychological ED, of course I have a lot of sex and that doesn’t help either :). But with ED, once you experience it, it can become a slippery slope and come back to haunt you. Your story is the type that kept me from starting a cycle this summer–and so far has kept me from seeking trt. Blood results that appear normal and yet your body is shutting your dick down.

Regardless of what the “bro’s” tell you, human hormonal systems are immensely complex. In all likelyhood a doctor wont know whats going on with you. It’s likely temporary, since the body has a way of healing itself over time. Take some time off, get a good doctor, and take this as a subtle message to re evaluate your priorities. Again my 2 cents, someone else on this board will just tell you to take some more clomid, and maybe that will work for you.

Libido and your dick getting full of blood are two different things. Without feeling horny Viagra won’t work. If you are horny AND nervous Viagra MIGHT work, but not as well. If I am comfy with wife I only need 25mg of Viagra and most times none, with my girls on the side I use 50-60mg and have mixed results depending on how hot the woman is and how comfy I am. Viagra is not a silver bullet, but it can and has made me fuck like a rock star.

How much Viagra did you take and were you horny?

Also Viagra is fast acting. 15-20 min on empty stomach with plenty of Luke warm water works best for me. You should feel rush of blood to dick very shortly after taking Viagra. Do not eat before taking it, and especially grease is bad. 30% of men are non responders to Viagra and other such drugs.

What do your other numbers look like? Did you even do a pct or did you start late?

I took generic and I took two. I have taken before and it is fine. I literally think I’m just dead libido. He works in the mornings fine and I want sex but in the evening I could just pass out as I am not interested. Hormones are a bitch bit he was working fine up until 3 weeks ago and everything had to clear my system. In my opinion by them when the cycle ended 2 3/4 months ago.

Started pct late as hell. I used clomid 50mg a day for 11 or so days and that is when my libido dropped. I was wondering if it was the clomid. It has been 13 days since I have taken it.

Levels were as follows. And this was the day after my last clomid pill.

Hence why I think the test, lh and fsh are high.

Test serum 964 ng/dl
Lh 17.5 mIU/mL
Fsh 16.8 mIU/mL
Estradiol pg/mL


I go today for a second set o labs. This is 13 days after my last clomid pill. Hope to find everything normalized them I know it’s in my head.

2 generic pills? We’re they 25mg or 100mg. If you took 2 100mg pills you are lucky your head didn’t explode. 100mg would resurrect a dead elephant dick…I’ve never done 100mg for fear of the side effects. At 75mg the red face and nasal congestion is pretty harsh. I think a 100mg dose is usually recommended for 80 year old farts who want to enter circus sideshows where they drive 3 inch nails through 2x4’s with their cocks.

If you did 50mg that should work for an average sized man. But again, without libido you are pissing against the wind and fighting a losing battle. Libido comes from the pituitary gland talking with your balls–clearly the party they had planned got cancelled somewhere between the sore butt cheek and the wiff of pussy :wink:

Could be elevated levels of prolactin

Even if you find everything normalized it doesn’t mean that it’s “all in your head”. In fact I suspect the opposite. Prolactin has over 300 known effects in the human body only one of which can be suppressing dopamine–which causes a drop in libido–and even that fact is subject to speculation by medical experts.

So…how many effect does testosterone and the myriad of other human hormones have on the body? Thousands? Maybe more? How many bormones have you dumped into your system over a 10 week cycle? You get the picture…or do you? Pct therapies don’t take into account how the body “could” react…think of the snail vs. the shotgun…clomid may work in most cases…but it begs the question of “what the hell else does it kill!?”.

Why bro’s wanna do grade 11 science experiments with their bodies I can’t say, but the outcomes are interesting.

Prolactin can be a cause of low libido, due to the fact he ran tren in his cycle it could be a possibly