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Shumer and Pelosi...and Sun Tzu



These two shits (who are NOT my favorite people)…are turning out to be some shrewd and formidable opposition for Trump. (Despite a Congressional Majority).

I knew they were good at their game…but not this good…

They respond to Trump speech for speech…word for word… and Tweet for Tweet…and they are out for nothing short of Trump’s Balls on a Platter…

Trump is a lot of things…but an experienced Politician is not one of them.

The question then becomes: “Who is Out Sun-Tsu-ing who???”

You ain’t gotta’ love these two, folks…but you sure as hell better not underestimate them.

(Hopefully Trump’s knows that).



As a “Sci-Fi” nerd…I thought about the words of “Ash” speaking of the Alien in the original “Alien”:

“…I admire its purity… A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality…”

Sounds kind of like Shumer, Pelosi AND Trump…


That sounds like Machiavelli.

Schumer and Pelosi are well positioned to fight Trump on his battlefield. They too have no credibility or respect left to lose.



I’m in NY state and Schumer is the biggest piece of political shit there is. He is a partisan hack that completely subscribes to emotional politics. (Sorry. I can’t hide my disdain for the man.)

As far as he and Pelosi waging war with the white house, I’ll use WWI as my analogy. They are shelling each other from opposite ends of no man’s land, but so far no one has been able to sustain an assault and break through.


Agree, Alright.

It all may end up just being an ugly stalemate, for sure.