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Shugs on HBO!

Holy shit! I just saw Chris Shugart on Real Sports on HBO! Very cool! They showed the website and everything. Chris, why no mention of this on T-mag?

I hinted at it in my “Smuggler’s Blues” article two weeks ago. Truthfully, we didn’t want to advertise the show much until we saw it. It would have been easy for them to take my words and twist them around using sound bytes. So I wanted to see it first before talking about it much.

In the new issue of T-mag (#206) I have an article about my HBO experience. It’s called “The Big Woof: The Real Story Behind Real Sports”. www.t-mag.com/articles/206woof.html

It’s on now! That first guy with his face blocked out sounds like an idiot.

just saw on hbo preview last night that it will be re-run tuesday april 30 in case you missed it like i did.

I saw it…I was dissappointed in Shugart! He didn’t do anything but make the DEA and customs look stupid. At least the other guy with his face blocked won’t be seen. Shugart is going to get the rectal probe every time he leaves the country for thumbing his nose at them. I most definitely aggree, but fuck…Why not mention that this is something that should be perfectly legal and would be a lot safer if it were? He didn’t use his fifteen minutes for anything other than putting himself on a radar that only a fool wants to be on. Why Chris? Why? Couldn’t you have mentioned the medical benifits of juice, couldn’t you have said something?? They hardly even gave you the pub to make it worth it.

D-END: Read the article I wrote about the Real Sports segment. See link above. I talked about all those things but the whole interview (2+ hours) was cut. The ethics and legality behind steroids wasn’t the topic of the piece, so they didn’t use my comments on those aspects.

As for being “on the radar”, I’m not worried. I’m not a smuggler or a regular steroid user and have no intentions of doing it again. I’m a journalist and was just working on a story. Besides, it’s not like they’re going to make little wanted posters of me just because I sneaked a few empty bottles and boxes back across. I’m sure they’re much more worried about the guys with 50 kilos of hard drugs in their gas tanks, illegal aliens, and terrorists than some writer who was on a cable TV show for five minutes. Truthfully, they’re more worried about illegal fruit than the recreational roid user bringing back a personal supply.

i keep hearing about how that internet assclown jeff summers was involved in the piece somehow; yet, i didnt see him on the show. UNLESS, jeff summers was the dude with the blurred out face? help me out on this one bro, im curious. thanks.

Chris, can I get a autograph? Puh-leeeezzzz? :wink:

I figured that they edited out everything juicey…And you should have too. I am on your side but I have to think they will target you for something. Just because they are bored gov’t employee’s looking to hate. Late.

I don’t know anything about that, 3x. All I know about “Jeff” (not his real name according to his former business partner) is that he has something to do with that ratty little Impact Nutrition newsletter than “borrows” my articles and runs them under different names.

I called that newsletter once after they “borrowed” one of my grip training articles and had a weird experience. I was told to talk to one guy (not “Jeff”) and was then told when I called him that no one by that name worked there. Then, after much stuttering and backpedaling, was told that said person was indeed in charge. He apologized and said the writer that “borrowed” my work would be reprimanded and then he offered to pay me off. I turned him down and instead wanted him to print in his newsletter that the guy had stolen my article and broken copyright laws. That never happened as far as I know.

That’s about all I know. I try not to involve myself in the bottomfeeder community much.

3XKrazy, the rumor is that Jeff Sumners is a fake name and the pic he uses in the ads isn’t really of him. I read somewhere he’s being sued by a bunch of people too.

LOL, sounds pretty shady. Like i said, this is just info im getting is just floating around the boards, nothing real credible. And i actually get his free newsletter/ad report for some reason, and i was looking through it today while i was on the shitter and he wrote in it how HBO consulted him about the piece and he had a crucial role, blah, blah, blah. Its just very odd that all these people and the man himself would claim to be part of something, when its pretty clear he had no role in it. Weird stuff …BTW, if the guy was using a fake pic, u would think he would choose a better one than the one he used:-). Looks like some bloated dumbass on a test cycle gone bad:).