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Man, when Chris said he was here in San Diego over the weekend to stare at bared breasts all day, I thought for sure he was talking about the annual Over The Line tournament. Chicks flashing for beer, flashing for beads, flashing for fun…

I convinced my fiancee to come along this year, and it went well-- she actually pointed out a few naked mammaries that I might otherwise have missed (although the radar was tuned to Ultra Sensitive that day). The beach isn’t used to seeing that many trailer-park castoffs and drunken assholes, but it was fun nonetheless.

You missed out on the ACTUAL San Diego Breast Fest this weekend, Chris. Damn shame, I think you’d have enjoyed the debauchery. Did anyone else here make it out? What did you think?

This is in reference to the most recent entry in Shug’s blog. I agree, completely, that the most qualified person for a specific job should be the one that gets it. It should not come down to race, religion, gender, or color. Filling a quota is no reason to put a person in a position they are not qualified to handle.

As far as Dell goes, they outsourced to India. The funny accents and poor english is a result of that, not anti-discriminatory hiring practices.