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Shugs and CT- An Opinion?

Hey guys,

I know it’s prime time and I have an itching question. With diet changes alone and without cardio, I seem to be unable to get below 11-12 percent body fat. I am a 19 year old male, 5’10 and 185lbs in the morning. BF is between 11 and 12 percent.

Currently I am trying a new "diet.
I am interested on your thoughts.

Basically, Im consuming 1 gram protein/lb bw, .5 gram fat/lb bw, and carbs soley from vegetables and nuts. I eat nontropical fruits after weight workouts (about 60 grams carbs). I consume 3 meals a day generally with all the macros spread out across them. Between meals, I consume 6 grams BCCA, 2.7 grams glutamine, and about 5.6 grams other aminos. I double this dose pre and post workout.

The theory is that the aminos will keep the metabolism from going into starvation mode and instead burn fat for energy while preserving muscle. The reason I ask your thoughts is bc I can never seem to get as low bf as I want (8-9%). I don’t drink or smoke, I get 10-11 hours of sleep a night (although I go to bed around 2AM). Just your general thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

should have posted on one of their threads, but i think you should increase your protien. check Beradi’s last article.

Will post on their threads next time…I didn’t see their own personal threads last night though. I saw Dr. Ryan saying something about aminos being useful for preserving mucle on a lower calorie/protein diet.

Is it even possible to get to single digit bodyfat % without cardio???

I guess that is one of my questions. I do have some friends and know some people who can apparently do it. I guess the key is being able to maintain/build muscle while remaining at single digit bf%. It would be “easy” to get down to single digits if retaining muscle was not an issue.

[quote]outlawkayak wrote:
Is it even possible to get to single digit bodyfat % without cardio???[/quote]

Yes. Last August I got down to 7-8% with very little cardio. When i started implementing more cardio into my regimine I lost muscle so I think i did one session of formal cardio a week(sometimes I didn’t do it at all). Best I ever looked. Could have easily gotten to 6% but I didn’t want to suffer anymore than i had too.

Jake, what kind of diet and training program did you use?