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Shuggs- Hot-Rox for the People??

Hey Chris, I was just sitting back thinking about how much hard work you do on the site (unlike that lazy fuck T.C!!!) and was wondering if you guys were gonna give any trial, or giveaway test bottles of Hot-Rox out. Well get back to me whenever you get done pretty much running the place by itself.

I would like to know this also…


BFA, great to have you back, man. The only reason I did not post on your “welcome back” thread is because I really didn’t feel like it at all. It appears you have already discovered www.tshirthell.com (I think I have half the Dog Pound purchasing clothing there now). That design up there was practically made for JC#10.

God knows I can’t afford right now.

Ahhhhh, Yup i love that site. So hows the diet goin tubby. I can say that because after a month of eating anything in whatever quantity i wanted and not liftin at all i’ve turned a bit um “poofy” myself. In light of our dieting efforts i think the above pic should keep us motivated.

Running the place? Nah, I just sweep up and unclog the toilets.

Test bottles? Already tested. It hits the shelves (or at least the Biotest store) in about a week.

Free bottle? Hmmm, maybe I’ll do a little forum game later and give away a bottle.

AW, DAMMIT!!! I have to work in about an hour and there’s going to be a game for a free bottle! I just can’t win.

Yeah, nice going fatty. Actually my cutting is going nicely. I’m down to 182 at around 12-13% bf and I plan to get down to about 8-9%. I’ve been using CJD’s Fat to Fire program along with Shugsy’s T-Dawg 2.0
Current Supplement stack looks a 'lil like this:
Methoxy (double dose 5 days on/2 off)
Tribex/M (8 Tribex 3 M 5 on/2 off)
MD6 (6 a day 5/2)
T2 (4 a day 5/2)
T2-Pro (Used on every 3rd week when I take off from T2)
Myostat (On Week 20)
And that’s about that.

EEEEk, down to the 180’s. nah really thats not bad. A few years back i had to get my tonsils removed (no speed bump jokes please) Could’nt eat for forever (id had strep about 4 times in a row) i dropped down to 160 pounds. The funny thing was at about 175 was the best i’ve ever looked juice free. Oh well im rambling. Sundays are rather slow around here aren’t they. Oh i noticed you and merrow no longer do the monkey butler routine. What gives??


I saw the best t-shirt for you at the mall today. It said “It’s not raining, it’s my ninja monkey slinging poo.” and had a ninja monkey on a house slinging poo.