Shugart's Mexico article

Hey Chris, nice job on the Juarez article! I dont use steroids but the article was interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Kind of different. I liked it! Looking forward to part 2.

Yes, that was a cool article. I’m really looking forward to the article with Berardi about priming for a growth surge.

I’d like to see what cy says about the trip too

Thanks, guys.

Racingsnails- John and I are going to start hashing out the details of the article Sunday. Should be a good one.

i live near the mexico border, real close to TJ, and to be honest stuff like that scares me man. Good article though.

Yeah, quite a cool article. Really makes one think about how different things are just across the border. I guess the contrast couldn’t be more stark than going from a country where steroids are illegal to one that retails them over the counter. One question - is most of their business to Amercans? How many mexicans buy roids? Did you see any buying?

That warning about the police taking your money was funny! Peace!

awesome article, i just made a post a couple of days ago about my friends getting robbed by the good old TJ po-po. This article came at the perfect time.

Katana- Part II will get into that issue some, but we saw no roided up locals while we were there and we even went to a few gyms. The whole border pharmacy industry is geared (no pun intended) for Americans. Why else would there be 12 pharms on one street? You don’t see that in the States. Sure, locals use the pharms but they strive on US biz.

I’ve travelled alot, and I will never forget heading accross the border in Arizona…the mexican town I think was St. Luis… but it was a time warp… the steets were dirt, wood side walks and a leather smith tooling a rifle case on the side walk… felt like I was in a duster… very weird.

As a side note… I have heard of taxis being a bad place to get robbed there… the driver bails, and the crooks hold the people while someone uses their Bank card. A lot of hotels have regular taxi drivers… it may be a good idea to get a taxi that the resort (hotel) recommends… hire him for a few days… they are normally cheap and know all the best & worst spots.