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Shugart's Bob

The article really embodied all that this webzine is about. I am also motivated by slackers. I don’t relish the sense of superiority that you do, Chris, but I have to admit that a long hard look at folks’ perspectives of the ideas of physical shape, hard physical work, and nutrition, when compared to mine-- well, it helps me to fight the good fight. I won’t begin to make excuses for Bob. But, I will not hesitate to point out the vague references to spirituality as it relates to health, the not so vague references to health improvement as fundamental to spirituality itself. Forgive me, Chris, I know the constraints within which you work. You have to assert the absolute value of physical and health improvement as it is related to market, and therefore, ultimately, Biotest. You are so good at it, and that, friend, is not a real compliment, I’m afraid. Merry Christmas

What the fuck is this guy talking about? Surely he realizes the idea of a connection between mind, body, and spirit is something that many disciplines recognize and seek to enhance. From yoga to “your body is the temple of the lord” it’s not a position I’ve ever considered insidious at all. Let me tell ya something Chris, I agree with the original post in that you are damn good at contributing in a solid and consistent fashion and have very specifically helped me more then once, and that my friend IS a compliment. Happy Holidays–tinman

Um, Lonnie, what are you saying exactly? I’m not sure if I’m being attacked for being anti-spiritual or over-spiritual, or what either would have to do with Biotest and “constraints” to begin with. Maybe it’s because I’ve just gotten back from a five day stay in Vegas, but I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Do you?

don’t worry shugs, im wide awake and i have no idea what theyre saying either.
the article was a cracker, last year it was the first thing on this site i ever read, and it was the reason i kept reading, now i am hooked. have fun. mark.

I thought it was a great article and was just wondering if Bob showed up for the workout

Oh good. I was starting to think that I was the only one who couldn’t figure out what the hell this idjit’s been trying to say…

CD: Relishing his sense of superiority over lonnie meade for a week or so now.